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Here’s a news that boomed!

Here’s a news that boomed!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: Chaiwala Arshad Khan- Sexiest Asian Man is on a Movie now!

The sensational Chaiwala Arshad Khan has accomplished unimaginable heights in no time by making it to the sexiest Asian man list in the Eastern Eye – A London based weekly publication. This charisma is already set in motion for his first flick!


Taking the World by storm with his sizzling looks and chiseled features. Arshad Khan is the most charismatic person the World have ever known. The words about his looks spread like fire when his first picture was captured and unleashed in the digital media. Then in no time people were drooling over him and he became the talk of the nation; and beyond the borders where even Bollywood King Khan praised his beauty and simplicity. Arshad Khan has that power to be the center of attention wherever he lands. This handsome Pathan just took the hearts out with his dreamy blue eyes.


His journey from social media stardom to silver screen was rapid. It took no time for him to sign his first film, Kabeer. He will be flying to England and Dubai for the shooting of his upcoming flick. Arshad Khan is spotted in gym working out for a well-crafted sculpture for his role in the film. Well! We would appreciate an even more groomed form of him if he is taking on an acting career. As it’s pretty clear that he have to work a lot on his speech- But we also know that this guy is miraculous, he can do anything or just nothing and still capture our hearts by one simple gaze!


Listen to Chaiwala

If you haven’t seen him acting yet, have a glimpse of it in the music video of a song dedicated solely to him, ‘Chailwala’ by Sid Lil Mafia Mundeer.


When he first rejected an offer of a movie from Syed Noor, we thought we will never be able to see him on the big screen but it seems like Arshad Khan is being careful about choosing his projects now.

Remember the superpower motorcycle advertisements which was meant to go viral, as they casted our ‘ankho ka dulara’- The Chaiwala!


His modelling career is at a ravishing spot and is reaching for the peak already by walking for eminent designers. From internet to news channels to his first modelling for an online clothing company to walking the ramp as show stopper for the Q-Mobile Bridal Couture Week 2016- Now working on his first Movie, this guy is astonishing us with every step.


Being ecstatic of his luck, he is embracing all the fame like a pro. Whether it be an advertisement company, modelling platform, morning shows or magazines, they are all eager to get their hands on this chaiwala and rope him for a project. This guy is on fire in true sense!

Let’s see how the movie will come out to be- Wish him all the best for it!