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Here’s what makes Atif Aslam our superhero!

Here’s what makes Atif Aslam our superhero!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: It’s not a click-bait! We are actually talking about something that our rock-star has recently done, making him a superhero as well!

Atif Aslam has been winning hearts with his voice, from a very long time. And now he did something which made us beam with pride! We’re talking about his performance which he paused upon witnessing a girl being harassed by few men on his concert in Karachi!

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This surely was a win-win situation for him to be socially responsible as there were thousands of people who just came to the concert to hear him singing.

After this incident, the news went viral and this is how people reacted:

  • Wonder about the feeling of those who already were his fans! <3
  • And a father of two, thanked him. 🙂
  • Not to forget the respect we received from our neighbors.

So the day was saved by ‘Atif Aslam’!!!

And because you’re reading Taazi Blogs, how can we make you leave without playing his songs.

Listen to Atif Aslam

Thank You for not only being a great musician but also an amazing human being!