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His family’s lives are at stake!

His family’s lives are at stake!

By Eman Zameer Rahman

Amjad Sabri the inspiring, the miraculous, and the remarkable man. His Qawwali has no bound, when it comes to binding with the most superior one. Amjad Sabri’s voice was another astounding sprinkle of wonderment, after Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It’s not possible that you hear his kalaams and not get spell-bounded to it, his voice ties you up.

In his remembrance, let’s cherish the two gems out of many other that he has left us;

  1. Bhardo Jholi 
  2.  Tajdar-e-Haram

Amjad Sabri will always be remembered. His name and vivid image is carved on our hearts, his tragic death was a blow. Now, his family is leaving their hometown, Karachi, over security issue. It is reported that they don’t feel secure anymore in their neighborhood of Liaquatabad, since the tragic accident. The family has requested government to help them, arrange the visa. They will be soon travelling abroad.

Listen to Amjad Sabri

Who wish to leave their country, if it wasn’t for any threats, insecurities, and the chaos over here?  Let’s not forget Pakistan is safe, tragedies happens all the time, everywhere in the world but a blow like this and the suffering that is caused to that family is unimaginable. Amjad Sabri’s family have all the reason to think about their well being, and should be provided with a safe passage way abroad by the government. Imagine the fear and stress they must be living in.

Tribute to the legend; Be Sabab by Shuja HaiderAli Zafar, QB and Ali Sethi.

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