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Hum Tum: The Return of a Mogul

Hum Tum: The Return of a Mogul

By Shershah Ahmed: By now, it is an undisputed fact that the Jaswal brothers are chock full of talent with each having made headlines everywhere, whether for their acting talents, or their proficiency with songs. However, let’s turn the clocks back a few years to a time when underground music in Islamabad was at its peak with one band leading the pack; Irtaash. They dominated the underground music scene whether sharing the stage with industry bigwigs like Junoon and Noori, or simply holding impromptu sessions at Civil Junction, the band had become a household name amongst people in Islamabad with credit owing to Yasir Jaswal, the man behind the band. The composer, lyricist, co-producer, and vocalist; Yasir established himself as a jack of all trades long before he took to the director’s chair.

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With Yasir in the driver’s seat the band released a slew of hits included Shab Dhalay, Khauf, and Kalli Raatein. They were the epitome of classic rock n’ roll, and had the power to send you into a head banging trance, whether with their covers of classic acts like Guns N’ Roses or Creed or their original songs. The band released their first album titled Kala Safaid Aasman in May 2011, but soon after disbanded much to the dismay of everyone who’d followed their journey; through their concerts or through Yasir’s antics on Campus Radio, a radio show for FM 91. After a brief stint with Call as their lead vocalist, Yasir began venturing away from music to focus more on directing, going as far as to create his own production company Jaswal Films, creating music videos for acts like Shaheryar Mirza, Zoraiz Riaz, and his brother Uzair Jaswal which garnered various awards under his belt, most notably the 2014 Lux Style Award for Best Music Video Director.

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Yasir only solidified his position as a director with his debut movie Jalaibee, a caper action thriller which earned rave reviews from the masses everywhere from Islamabad to Karachi. Just as everyone’s hopes for a sure fire comeback from this rocker had all but died out, Yasir Jaswal returned with a bang, debuting his latest it single on his Facebook page much to the excitement of his long-time fans. Composed and written by Yasir himself, Hum Tum is a different track than what many expected from this rocker and it is by no means a bad thing, for the track exemplifies Yasir’s capabilities as a musician and a vocalist. A subdued track which invokes a lot of Coldplay and just a hint of Amir Zaki, the guitars and drums meld perfectly with the track courtesy of Sarmad Ghafoor and Farhad Humayun respectively, household names in their own rights. However, it’s the violins, courtesy of Ustaad Raees Ahmed Khan that elevate this song from your typical mellow track to one you’ll find yourself listening to on the summer days to come; a fun, carefree, beautiful track if ever there was one to be released.yasiir

The track is available to download on Taazi, and if you want to experience a taste of the good old days, don’t think twice before downloading it; with this surprise from one of Pakistan’s most talented rocker, stay tuned to our page for more to come!