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I Stand With Supreme Court! Justice For Asia!

I Stand With Supreme Court! Justice For Asia!

In a courageous and fair verdict this week, the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared that the blasphemy charges against Asia Bibi had no basis in reality and put an end to the years of captivity of an innocent person. As expected, extremist elements in our society were not too happy with the decision and ran havoc nationwide destroying both property and livelihood. What followed was not as expected, as Imran Khan came all guns blazing declaring that breaking the law will not be spared. But then he went off to China. In the meantime, those riots continued. And then the expected followed. A negotiation was reached between the extremists and  the governments exonerating all extremists while the fate of Asia Bibi remained in limbo.

The majority of normal Pakistanis are of course disappointed with the capitulation by the Government and  is trending nationwide.

People are also paying tribute to Salman Taseer for laying his life for the cause.

Of course, no debate on blasphemy can be done without asking the most obvious question.

Another obvious point but which most seem to completely miss. Is it really satire or a sad depiction of our society?

But we are a resilient nation. When politicians fail us, we take matters into our own hands. How? By tweeting about it of course.

But seriously though. As Jibran Nasir rightly pointed out, this will raise awareness and put pressure of the government to do the right thing while citizens can also join hands and seek redress from the courts.

Because apologies can’t fix a dent.

And the government can’t be relied upon. NRO with politicians? Certainly not. NRO with extremists? But of course.

Let’s just end her misery.

Because we must stand with justice.

Join the petition now and show your support for the Supreme Court verdict because