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Imran Abbas – As Regal As It Gets

Imran Abbas – As Regal As It Gets

By Isbah Khalid: Imran Abbas, the heartthrob of millions went across the border and his debut film Creature 3D although failed to leave a good lasting impression yet he is back in all his glory in Jaanisaar. Set in the pre-independence era the creators of Umrao Jaan have yet again strived to create that royal magic on screen. Last time it was ‘Bipasha Basu’ who was quite an experienced actress but this time it is the newbie ‘Pernia Qureshi’ who would be trying acting for the first time and appear as the gorgeous courtesan who catches the royalty’s fancy in this case Imran Abbas’s.pernia

The trailer of this incredible production is out and looks quite amazing; it is basically homage to all the freedom fighters, martyrs who contributed immensely towards the independence. There’s a lot of blood for sure, so expect that, shots are fired quite often as the martyrs and freedom fighters struggle to get hold of the land that belongs to them. The setting looks great, the costumes are spot on and by the looks of it Imran is nailing it in terms of acting, he seems comfortable in his skin and having done such roles before for TV back home this doesn’t seem too foreign to him.







Shall we talk exclusively about Imran now because that subject requires all the praise right now? With those beautiful bunch of hair set loose, those deep romantic eyes, and those regal looks Imran Abbas presents a picture of a royalty. Already blessed with prince-like looks all he had to do was be himself I guess because it’s hard to perfect perfection! He just needs to hold a glass slipper now because he looks like a prince out of a fairytale. That timbre voice makes the look complete as he easily nails the dialogues.

Check out the fantastic Remix of ‘Naam-e-Waafa’ from the movie Creature 3D

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The director Muzaffar Ali also makes an appearance in the film as a mentor who trains the two to rebel against the rulers. Wait for more, because there are two more Pakistanis contributing to this film; Abida Parveen and Shafqat Ali Khan have lent their voices to the film as well. So much coming our way this August! Hang on tight everyone!