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In Conversation with Adil Omar

In Conversation with Adil Omar

-BY MARRIUM HABIB||In an industry dominated by saccharine love-songs or peppy pop beats, Adil Omar infuses a breath of fresh air with his rap rhythms. This versatile artist has worked with major international players like Xzibit, Cypress Hill and Kool G Rap. The team at Taazi sat down with the budding artist to talk music and lifestyle.

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You are arguably the only hard-core rapper in Pakistan. Do you see yourself as opening a new chapter in the Pakistani music industry?
I don’t look at my art or career in a Pakistani context. Music is meant to be universal, but sure, if I inspire more from Pakistan to follow their dreams – I guess I could.

 Are we expected to hear you rapping in any other language apart from English? (Urdu or Punjabi)?
No. I’m working on something with Faris Shafi though, who is the best Urdu rapper in the history of the universe.

You’ve been nominated for a LUX Style Award – which, till now, has been firmly mainstream. Do you see this as a positive development for the recognition of independent music artists in Pakistan?
I do.

A little bird tells me you’re not single. Any hints on who the lucky lady is? Our female fans want to know: what’s Adil Omar’s idea of a perfect woman?
I’d rather not talk about my personal life.

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Your new song “Exploding Heart” has been gaining rave reviews. Is this a new chapter in your career?
I’ve always experimented and been known for pushing the envelope in terms of what I do. Hopefully more people will start to pay attention now, but regardless, I’ll always do what I do in regards to my creativity and individuality as an artist.

The music video has a very sci-fi vibe and some breathtaking visuals. Whose brainchild was this? 
That was all Aisha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri who are a brilliant team – they spent months building on it and doing virtually everything themselves. I couldn’t imagine this being an easy song for anybody to do a video to.

How does the video convey the message of the song?
It doesn’t need to. The very idea that art needs a message and things can’t be left to the imagination is exactly what’s wrong with the Pakistani music and film industry. Everybody needs the obvious explained and spoon-fed to them.

“Exploding Heart” is the debut for Iman Aziz Akhtar. Do you actively promote new talent?
Yeah, she’s Aisha’s sister and did a great job portraying exactly what we needed. I’m not sure if she has any interests in acting or modelling, but she did a great job. She was also in Paki Rambo. When we shoot videos, we use our family and friends a lot of the time as we work on tiny budgets and are comfortable with them.

How do you see taazi.com as promoting Pakistani music on a global platform?
I think its an excellent idea and we as an industry are in desperate need for something like Taazi.


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Inspired by: Monster Magnet, Nine Inch Nails, Clutch, Marilyn Manson, House of Pain, Cypress Hill

Musician you most identify with: Trent Reznor, Dave Wyndorf, Marilyn Manson

The Pakistani music industry is: a spongecake

Rock or Pop? Rock

Music is: Cheesecake


In my DVD player: People still use a DVD player?

On my bedside table: Books. Various medication that isn’t mine.

Favourite item of clothing: Most of my band t-shirts

Secret Talent: Cooking
Ideal vacation? I don’t live a life that requires vacations. I’m happy working.



When are you the happiest? On stage

I hate it when people…Champion mediocrity.

For love or money? Love, money can’t buy the love and acclaim you can get from making great art.

Adil Omar is: Working.


Thankyou very much Adil for taking out time for this Interview.We  wish you all the very best!