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Inteha-E-Rock: A Pakistani band’s tour de force

Inteha-E-Rock: A Pakistani band’s tour de force

By Shershah Ahmed: Inteha’s commitment to birthing music with their own unique and individual signature is made apparent by their virtuoso guitar structures ranging from blues to hard rock, with some showstopping drumming thrown in for good measure. Inteha is a two man band hailing from Lahore consisting of Naukhez Javed on vocals, a powerhouse to say the least, and Nausher Javed on guitars and their live setup consists of five top notch session players from Pakistan. Their debut album ‘Kehna Chahta Hoon’ (2009) was released to rave reviews, and a multitude of awards including Best Rock Band and one of the songs was even nominated for Song Of The Month by BBC UK. Since then the band has been busy putting on remarkable live performances in India, UK and the US. With the release of their second album, ‘Inteha-E-Rock on Taazi.com, Inteha is certainly living up to their principle philosophy of creating music that has as much heart and soul as possible.

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inteha_blog img (1)The band started work on Inteha-E-Rock in 2011, with the goal to make it more rock oriented. They surely have succeeded in that regard! With all music composed and arranged by Nausher, and all lead vocals except ‘Paandiya Ho’ sung by Naukhez, it is hard to pick a favorite so settling for the standout tracks will have to do. ‘Meri Jan’, the track laden with traditional instruments and layered with Eastern vocals will evoke the concepts of open mindedness. The intro sung by Ustad Shakaib Ullah Khan echoes the Rajasthani folklore and surely strikes a chord with the listener. Ranjhanaa Main Joiga is another standout track, and apart from being the band’s favorite off the album, is sure to be a hit at live shows. Starting off with a heavy guitar and drum laden intro with underlying Eastern instruments, the song transitions in an all too easy to sing along verse which explodes into a sky-high chorus that will have crowds going mad!

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‘Pandiyaan Ho’, being an emotional Punjabi influenced track shows the band’s dedication to putting their soul into their music. Not as upbeat as the other songs, it is however enough to make one’s thoughtful side come to life. This is the kind of song that can be played during a long car ride and the hours will pass away without notice. ‘Pyaar’ starts off with a crushing rock riff on the guitar, which leads into an upbeat intro when the drums kick in sure to get your blood pumping. A quirky bass guitar fill is the only interlude between the intro and the extremely catchy verse. ‘Is this the pain or is this the cure’ is the literal translation of the main chorus lyrics and backed by the powerful guitars and driving rhythm, the song aims to be one of the live set staples.

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The important question now is what is next for the band? Apart from their immense success in India as well as Pakistan, the duo speaks of their interest in pursuing their solo projects. Not however out of any desire to part ways as brothers, but to explore their own musical tastes which are very different. Naukhez has a keen interest in hip-hop and R&B while Nausher is more inclined towards classical melodies. These are two vastly different genres as Naukhez explains, and very different from the style and image of Inteha itself, so in order to explore these genres and their own individuality, the two have decided to do solo work as well. Nausher’s love for classical music is expressed in the ‘Tribute To Legends’ project where he is reworking old classics with a modern twist in order to have more people listen to the golden era of music. Whatever the case is, if ‘Inteha-E-Rock’ is anything to go by, the duo is only getting started when it comes to conquering the music world. Stay tuned to Taazi.com for more news and releases by Inteha!