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It can’t be performed with one go but Ali Zafar nailed it!

It can’t be performed with one go but Ali Zafar nailed it!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: ‘A Journey From the nostalgic Huqa Pani to the Successful Dear Zindagi and the Flawless Mannequin Challenge‘.

 Ali Zafar is the heartthrob of millions all over the World is a complete work of artistry. He not only works as an artist but produces art to the level of perfection. What is he not? A skilled painter, a super model, a talented actor, a song writer and a melodious musician. God! He is a blessed with super skills, ‘A jack of all trades and a master of all’. Seems like Ali Zafar got a touch of gold!


Journey to Stardom

From a brilliant student of National College of Arts to Bollywood and Lollywood sensation, he shines out and spreads his magic wherever he goes. Starting his career from TV- 1999 to 2002 on PTV Home from the youthful, comedy drama serial, ‘Kollege Jeans’, went to pursue his passion for music by introducing his first album in 2003, Huqa Pani, which took the listener by fire! Followed by the intoxicating album Masty in 2006 and the exotic album ‘Jhoom’ in 2011. And who can forget the famous songs ‘Channo’ & ’Chal Dil Merey’. Stunned Coke Studio listeners around the World for years, with the song like, ‘Rockstar’.

A step to neighbor’s entertainment house


Ali Zafar has made unforgettable mark in Bollywood. Successfully taking on the venture ahead from his debut to some unforgettable movies, with his own film soundtracks; Mere Brother ki Dulhan, London Paris New York, Kill Dill and the peak of his charm and acting in Dear Zindagi. This sadly reminds me of another unfair act by India! The tragedy of replacing songs of Ali Zafar in Dear Zindagi by the voice of Arjit Singh. A cost our artists had to pay for the clashes between Pakistan-India, who went cross border for the love of their passion to be spread over the globe.

Listen to Ali Zafar

Let’s look at some of the remarkable events of his life:

  • The World’s sexiest man!


Ali Zafar is a real World fantasy. He was declared as the Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet (Eastern Eye – 2013) and voted sexiest Pakistani 9th time in a row?! Wow!

  •  Magnum Party ‘16


Ali Zafar’s Magnum art of display on stage with a melted chocolate on canvas, was nothing less than sorcery, created beautifully in seconds, with all that elegance he also work magic with his hands.

  • Ali’s dramatic version of the song ‘Angel’


The cover of Tahir Shah’s angel by Ali Zafar is the most astonishing rendition you will ever see. That creativity and all that sarcasm made me think of him, as a devil with horns, who does his best to hide his smirk.

  • Ali Zafar’s Pakistani Movie Debut!

Ali Zafar is at last going to be to on National’s screen. He decided to work in a Pakistani Movie after the Pak-Indo relations turned sour. Well, we can only be grateful for this situation, as it became the reason for the growth of our own entertainment industry, luckily!

  •  A Maestro esteem!


Won numerous Awards, including Lux style, Stardust, Asian Bollywood Music, MTV Style, Indian Music, Ary Film, Style, Pakistan Media, Karawood Film Festival, and Hum Style awarded him as the, ‘Most Stylish Male Performer’. No doubt! Who couldn’t agree with this?!

  • Producing Pakistani movie, ‘Deosai’

Admire his vision on screen for the upbringing of Pakistani cinema. As the name reflects it will be shot up the beautiful north in the surreal Deosai plains. An action drama to be released soon. Let’s hold our hearts and wish the best to Ali Zafar!

  •  Ali Zafar’s Tribute to Amjad Sabri & APS  


The tribute that melted our hearts- Ali Zafar honored the legendary Pakistani Qawwal, Amjad Sabri. ‘Urainge’ a tribute to the heart-breaking massacre in APS was another emotional outbreak that stirred our souls.

  • A philanthropist


His humble and humanitarian acts include sponsoring Noorena Shams, in Asian Squash Tournament.

  • A Power Performer on Stage!


Admit it! He is a ball of energy on the stage- who shines far away, entertaining the audience and mesmerizing everyone with his charm. God! Those killing looks and perfect smile!

Okay now, lets have a look at his latest enchantment;

  • The Mannequin Challenge!


He  took the action in a live concert with thousands of audience. It is not an easy task and can’t be performed with one go, but what can be impossible when Ali Zafar is there. Each one was frozen as if he casted a spell over them. It was a perfect Mannequin Challenge I have ever seen- He lifted the hex by his voice, continuing singing on perfect notes, as if he was really bewitched too.

Ali Zafar seems to be not ever ceasing. We hope, he take the venture of Lollywood to unmeasurable and unimaginable heights.