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It’s time for some #Tamasha!

It’s time for some #Tamasha!

By Hina Anjum: For those who missed the debut of Khumariyaan’s second studio recorded track and video, on Saturday, at ‘Music Freedom Concert’, or did hear it and since then couldn’t resist the increasing urge to dance to that energetic rhythm again,  we hereby present you ‘Tamasha’.

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Continuing the non-stop energy and keeping the Pashtun music alive, Khumariyaan has composed “a very high on energy, upbeat track” that echoes the sweetness of their native tongue. To be precise, the band is all set to enthrall the fans with the mesmeric ‘Tamasha’. So, why don’t you just close your eyes and enjoy the philosophical experience?

Shout out to Black Box Sounds for making Tamasha’s video possible. “Capturing the raw energy that is Khumariyaan, the video tries to depict the direction of music in the current time; there is modernity but there is also a connection to one’s roots and background,” Sparlay Rawail, the lead guitarist of the band, told Taazi.






Tamasha is an effort capturing the essence of the first meeting of the band and the philosophy of contemporary folk rock instrumental music, a soulful instrumental that will touch the very core of your heart.

Born in the age of Talibanisation, Khumariyaan still stands strong with Sparlay Rawail on lead guitars, Aamer Shafiq on rhythm guitars, Farhan Bogra on Rubab, and Shiraz Khan on percussions. But lack of facility someday might make it difficult for them to record their work for you, music lovers.

“As newcomers to the field with budget constraints, we faced difficulties in recording these songs,” Farhan Bogra said.

We can’t afford losing another band, can we? Not this band, at least! So, if you want to keep experiencing the hypnotic and extraordinary blend of hyper-folk and fusion, then go over to taazi.com now, and express your love for Khumariyaan by purchasing their enchanting track ‘Tamasha’ now. For now is the time to get on your feet and move to the frenzied rhythm.

Watch the music video of ‘Tamasha’


Play ‘Tamasha’ over your sound system as loud as you can, and let it entice musical goosebumps. Or maybe, just grab the best headphones you have and blare away with these hypnotic beats. Because it’s a track that will rule your senses and won’t give up till it wins your heart.