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Jal Evokes Motivation In Its APS Tribute Track

Jal Evokes Motivation In Its APS Tribute Track

By Snober Abbasi-Jal band needs no further introduction – the band has produced some household names that are equally proper in Pakistan and across the border; these names include Atif Aslam and Farhan Saeed. Jal  has recently released a new song ‘Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja’. The song is dedicated to Pakistan Armed Forces and the song pays tribute to the innocent young victims of Army Public School and College atrocious and devastating tragedy that occurred in Peshawar almost a month ago.


The song was released on Jal’s official facebook page on 17th January. The song is greatly composed and produced by Goher Mumtaz. The lyrics are penned by Shakil Sohail. The song marks the return of the 33 year old lead singer of the band Gohar Mumtaz who was previous busy with acting projects. The song is being reviewed highly positive by both audience and critics alike. The song has been watched over 23,000 times since it’s been posted on the band’s facebook page and theme of the song is to share and bring positivity in the country. The band has gracefully spread a message of peace and harmony.

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Download the Song from here: http://taazi.com/jal

So far the song has achieved massively encouraging feedback by the fans over the band’s facebook page and music industry has praised the lyrics, music and vocals of the lead singer. Many artists thus far have paid tribute to the martyrs of Peshawar Attack; among them are Shehzad Roy, Overload, Rahim Shah and others. The concept of ‘Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja’ is indeed unique and brings vast optimism to the listeners by its soft and upbeat music. The slow tune of the song melts and aches one’s heart for one of the greatest tragedy our country has ever endured.


The band has previously released charts topping and commercially successful singles before such as ‘Sajni’, ‘Aadat’, ‘Laiyan Laiyan’, etc. These singles brought the group to international prominence and among high public demand both in India and Pakistan that’s why some of the members left the band to carry on their career as a sole artist. The band is being managed by Goher Mumtaz and Saad Sultan; both have done a remarkable job in keeping their music up to the scale and fulfilling the expectations of the fans. We hope the band goes on to share more melodious and heart-warming tunes ahead.