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Jehangir Aziz Hayat In A Happy Sober Mood

Jehangir Aziz Hayat In A Happy Sober Mood

By Isbah Khalid: Jehangir Aziz Hayat, not a new name for anyone but definitely a name worthy of praise and adulation that surrounds him everywhere he goes. This award winning singer and songwriter is always making news with his new additions in the alternative rock genre and the metal head are crazy about him! Hailing from the beautiful city of Peshawar, he has always been on a mission to create new stuff and forge the might rock tracks that leave us all awestruck.


His new track “Happy Sober” is just another gold feather in his cap, adorning the already clustered ones. He has got the words right- that we all now- he can create some really fantastic vibes and those guitar riffs and harmonious addition over and over are beautifully executed! He has that husky, rapturous and alluring quality to his voice that suits rock music perfectly and in the end we have a delivery that has everything from the rockstar’s grunge to those dulcet tones that are his trademark and give him an edge over others. At one point the song slows down in melody and moments later it picks up pace and those aggressive vocals surround you.


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Happy Sober” is not a song for the faint hearted! Not that it’s lethal in anyway but it is deep and reverberates inside the soul as the echo of “Happy Sober” starts rattling in the cage. There’s a tranquility about the song; a purity and distinct serenity that only comes through rock music. It is Nirvana for his fans who would want nothing more than to drift away in that land and sway to the beats. Be it metal, alternative rock, renditions of beautiful songs- this guys does it all and that too with perfection! All those people going through a break up lend this one an ear you would love it!

“I’m so happy sober, I’m so glad it’s over” well, we aren’t really glad that the song is over but it did put us in a happy sober mood so Kudos! This one will be on repeat this week! All you rock fans out there; this is needs to be in your playlist!

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