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Jhoom – Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji’s tantalizing new duet

Jhoom – Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji’s tantalizing new duet

By Shershah Ahmed: Cornetto’s slogan is ‘good things are better shared’. What can be truer to this slogan, than Umair Jaswal and Zoe Viccaji teaming up to produce one of the summer’s best musical duet? Both musicians need absolutely no introduction. Umair Jaswal is a household name in Pakistan at this point, with his various stints as singer, song writer and actor. His upcoming war epic ‘Yalghaar’, his foray into television with ‘Mor Mahal’ alongside Meesha Shafi, and his critically acclaimed musical career with Qayaas, Coke Studio and solo work are but a few things that Umair Jaswal has accomplished. Zoe Viccaji being no slouch in the achievement department with her own Coke Studio career, forays into acting in American theater, multiple award nominations and wins as well as her very own album. The pair both having formidable accolades under their respective belts, come together and form and epic musical duo in ‘Jhoom’.

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The music video directed by Amaan Ahmed, starts off with a vista of sandy shores lapped by crystal clear water, which then gives way to a long stretch of highway where we see the two stars. Superbly shot, the video has a highly professional feel to it which is understandable considering it is sponsored by Cornetto! The video also serves a dual purpose in highlighting the oft unseen beauty of Pakistan, especially Balochistan, which is also another plus. The shots of the duo singing are interspersed with shots back at the beach where a party is taking place, all until the point where Zoe and Umair crash the party causing the star struck party kids rejoicing at the fact that they’re going to get to see the duo perform live. The sunset view, and the use of slow-mo all adds to the tranquil effect of the video and it is a treat to watch. The video then morphs into the actual Cornetto Pop Rock concert view and we see the two on stage in all their glory, with the strobes and flashing lights giving the full concert effect, and all in all the music video hits all the proverbial high notes.







The track is the second part of the package, and it is superbly sung, written and produced. It starts off with a catchy and upbeat acoustic guitar playing in the foreground and it leads into a mesmerizing beat that takes no pauses in starting the track off. Umair and Zoe’s vocal harmony kicks off and it is just a treat to hear. The two trade off vocals back and forth, complementing each other with high and low notes and the chorus is just a superb melody that sits well with the music in the background. Umair’s signature powerful vocals are in full effect here with him belting out an impressive high note in the latter part of the song. Zoe Viccaji lives up to her reputation and her voice is simply transcendent as she takes centre stage in the last half of the song with Umair backing her up. The track is a surefire example of great musicianship and quite simply a job well done.

Watch the music video of Jhoom (Cornetto Pop Rock)


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