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JOGI – a collaborative peace awakening effort!

JOGI – a collaborative peace awakening effort!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: When life gets you into a rut, musicians tend to shake things up. There are many artists who have been trying their best to produce the kind of music which could influence heterogeneous society and reinforces their faith in God.

As promised, Mizmaar – a pop rock Pakistani band founded in 1999 featured another well-known Indian classical singer Shubha Mudgal, in their new single ‘Jogi’. Mizmaar, formed by the guitarist Kashan Admani alongside band’s new vocalist Asad Rasheed have surely won people’s hearts worldwide through their Sufi track. This Karachi based band released their debut album in 2003, which was a biggest hit. Over the years, Mizmaar has been successful in creating several albums and never failed to impress their fans through their exhilarating live performances.


Stream & Download Jogi by Mizmaar  ft. Shubha Mudgal.

After working with two other talented vocalists, Kashan Admani introduces us to Asad Rasheed. As we can see, this duo has been successful in creating a soulful track, which shows that the band is all set to experiment various genres of music with the artists across the borders. This emotional song starts with the beautiful powerful voice of Shubha Mudgal. The ongoing global distress surely demands this kind of transcendent music.


When asked about Jogi, Kashan Admani said, “Jogi is an effort to compel people to think about coexisting and finding the right path to bring peace in the world”.

This song basically shows the reliance of God which is created when one go through a bad phase of life. This society is full of unrest & dissatisfied people who face cliff hanging situations every single day and are weakened, by cynicism. The lyrics of the songs have beautifully explained how a human tends to find God, while facing inscrutable situations. Surely it did justice explaining the tough time of many, who wait for the inner peace and seek for Him everywhere at the time of distress.

The song has been recorded in India. Shubha Mudgal shares her experience of working with Mizmaar. She has thanked Mizmaar for inviting her to collaborate on their track ‘Jogi’ and is hoping that music lovers across the world will like it. Seems like her intuition is right!

Apart from making this song a hit, the Indo-Pak collaboration is surely showing positive outcomes, leaving us with high expectations of grooviest upcoming tracks by this amazing band. For now, Taazi shall look forward towards coke Studio season 9, in which the talented Kashan Admani is heard to be involved!