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Junoon and Salman Ahmad; Pakistan’s musical royalty and their silver anniversary celebrations!

Junoon and Salman Ahmad; Pakistan’s musical royalty and their silver anniversary celebrations!

By Shershah Ahmed: One would be hard pressed to find a person in Pakistan who has not heard the words ‘Salman Ahmad’, ‘Ali Azmat’ and ‘Junoon’. Considering their far reaching musical charisma and effect, this statement could be applied to many other countries as well. After storming on to the music scene in 1990, and keeping a vice-like grip on Pakistan’s music scene for almost two decades, Junoon is one of the most popular bands in South Asia and is widely regarded as the pioneer of the Sufi Rock genre.


With hits like ‘Sayonee’, ‘Yaar Bina’, ‘ Zamaney Kay Andaz’ and the legendary ‘Jazba-e-Junoon’, the band is firmly cemented in history to say the least. After a brief hiatus, Junoon was revitalized and the legacy of the band was fittingly continued with Salman Ahmad solely at the helm.  Now in 2016, Junoon – the new line up w/o Ali Azmat, is finally returning for their Silver Anniversary with a revamp of its entire catalogue, as well as a new album. And the best news is that the new album is being exclusively released on Taazi!

Having sold over 35 million albums, being featured in global media networks like Newsweek, New York Times, MTV and loved by Hollywood & Bollywood movie stars alike, Junoon has performed concerts all around the world. Capturing and winning hearts from Pakistan to the UN General Assembly Hall in New York, to the Nobel peace prize ceremony in Oslo.


Junoon’s seven classic albums are being re-launched by Taazi as part of the celebrations of the band’s Silver anniversary. Following the reactivation of the Junoon catalogue as well as a ‘Best of Junoon’ compilation album, a brand new album; ‘Junoon25’ will drop in November 2016.  The new songs reflect the band’s ever expanding musical horizons, maturing love for poetry, and a rich tapestry of musical influences which capture the emotional zeitgeist of our times.

On the topic of these re-releases and the new album, Salman Ahmad had this to say;

‘Junoon is thrilled to be joining forces in Pakistan territory with Haroon & his excellent Taazi team for the celebration of Junoon’s silver anniversary releases. We are as excited about the new album ‘Junoon25 as we are about reactivating the entire Junoon catalogue.’

Excitement is an understatement here at Taazi to say the least. The legendary status of the band deserves a word far greater than ‘excitement’ to describe, but for now this will do. Stay tuned to Taazi for any and all further news regarding Junoon and Salman Ahmad’s comeback, and the impatient wait for November begins NOW!