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Junoon’s new album ‘DOOR’ is going to send you in a state of ecstasy!

Junoon’s new album ‘DOOR’ is going to send you in a state of ecstasy!


Hold on tightly ‘Junoonis’, your prayers have finally been answered- JUNOON is releasing an album guys! Salman Ahmed’s love for music is intoxicated and he is always on a Junooni journey of music, vigorously proliferating and broadening the horizons of music, sending their listeners into a state of fun-na!

Junoon is coming up with a brand new album, which was planned on their silver anniversary, Junoon 25. The new album, Door, and a music video of ‘Door Bohat Door’, is all set for the release this December, Oh Yes! You heard it right! And the teaser is already here, which looks fascinating.

Have a sneak peek into the video here:


Recently, Junoon collaborated with Taazi, reactivating all their albums on the Taazi platform, on their silver Jubilee Anniversary. And now releasing a brand new album, Door, as promised by Junoon, exclusively on Taazi in Pakistan.

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Junoon has always made sure that they leave a strong presence in our memory. This upcoming DOOR video is fascinating and picturesque, with a deep message behind, in the emotional and ecstatic voice of Salman Ahmad, will take you ‘door’ (faraway) into the World of rhythmic bliss.


It has beautiful planned set of stories, featuring the legendary Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram alongside his lovely wife, Shaniera Akram, and the stunning super model Rabia Butt it’s an elaboration of the phrase; ‘Music to my ears, beauty to my eyes.’

Album Talaash By Junoon

Their chemistry in the video is jaw dropping!


The music video is shot strikingly by Humza Yousaf, at a scenic location in Gwadar, Balochistan- portraying vibrant, soul stirring and heart-warming stories, which are self-motivating, and influencing to move forward for one’s own betterment rather than staying in the dark and living in remorse. Hamza Yousaf creatively illustrates the stories with a message that this is not the end, there is a whole big World out there, go achieve your dreams. Hope never dies! The song is a rich concoction of musical influences by Junoon and reflecting the band’s empiricism of ever expanding musical horizons.

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Here is what the legend said about the music video in his candid shot:


Album Azadi By Junoon

Junoon with their genre, Western Rock Fused with Eastern Mystical Sufi Music, make the World swing instead of revolving round. They extricate the soul from the hidden corner and free it into the black hole of ecstasy. Junoon will make you chant their songs and whirl around with it.

Founded in 1990 by guitar player & songwriter, Salman Ahmad, Junoon boasts a diverse and highly eclectic line up of musicians from East & West who come from diverse musical genres & are united by their sheer joy of performing & creating soul stirring music. Giving one hit after another until Junoon made to international fame by their ravishing performances on stage and their endeavor for spreading love & peace across the borders, eradicating cultural, ethnic, racial boundaries.

His look and spirit in Door’s Video is charismatic:


Junoon is in itself a dynamic phenomenon, its vision and zest is always on the 9th cloud, while taking you to the seventh heaven. Each and every time Junoon appears on stage, they take the audience by fire. Junoon always made sure that it comes with a boom! A lot of bands have come and gone, but none marked their brilliance as Junoon did. The everlasting!

Image of  Rabia Butt that we got for you from the video. She surely is a stunner!


Junoon’s upcoming: Academy & Grammy award winning American rock legend, Melissa Etheridge, invited Pakistani rockstar & founder of Junoon, Salman Ahmad to perform a concert in the US on December10. Ring The Bells!

So, hold your Junoon for a little while longer until the Grand Release of ‘Door’, is at your door!