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KW & The Facedown Movement – Khurram Waqar The Magician Guitarist!

KW & The Facedown Movement – Khurram Waqar The Magician Guitarist!

By Isbah Khalid: Just when you thought Khurram Waqar had run out of his magic potion that made him sway the audience with his killer guitar skills he waves his magic wand and out pops the KW & The Facedown Movement. This is a recent project undertaken by the magician guitarist Khurram Waqar who has recently launched the first song ‘Facedown’ and is set to work on at least 15 more under the same project name.

khurram waqar FBWhat’s more is the fact that this metallic beauty has had its fair share of magic; mixed by the renowned Producer Eric Greedy and a little bit of sparkly magic added by the Grammy award winner Brian Gardener’ wand, and what do we get? A killer track of course!

Not only has this track been touched by the majestic wand bearers there are also more tracks lined up and according to the wizard himself those are going to be “heavy”, well if you know what he means. Those guitar strings have been set on fire and the magic will make sure it sustains. Try not to get too absorbed in the music for its pull is mighty and might need a certain restraint if you want to stop punching in that replay button.facedown

Not only that, the wizard has hinted that ‘Facedown’ might be a part of a Hollywood movie, no details have yet been shared but we it leaves no doubt in our mind that it truly is an amazing number. His work has been a perfect amalgamation of Guitar Series, a touch of the wiser wizards and of course, of the man himself, and we are truly delighted to have this beautiful piece of music being put together by our very own home based talent.

For all metal lovers out there, this is surely a huge treat and for those who have yet to acquire the taste it’s a good number to start with. Make sure you go over to Taazi.com and give it a try; it’s definitely nothing less that magnetic magic! Keep an eye out for this project, it is going to be wondrous.

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Audio: http://taazi.com/album/song/6469/