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LEVI’S LIVE – An enthralling musical splash!

LEVI’S LIVE – An enthralling musical splash!

By Eman Zameer Rahman: LEVI’S unleashed a platform for musicians to perform live, proving itself a prowess not just as a brand but as an entertainer. LEVI’S seeks to inspire and empower the next generation of musicians and artists by reviving the live music scene in Pakistan.

LEVI’S has started a music endeavor by engraving a Music platform at the RIOT Studios, Lahore. The brand is greatly associated with music reflecting its key words of originality, authenticity of self-expression and youth spirit- wide and out loud.


This music project initiated in September 2016, where live performances are held creating reverberation of music and excitement in the air, mesmerizing its audience. The stage designed for the Levi’s live mirror the brand by giving it a denim outlook which aims to feature new and established artists, creatively inspiring music enthusiast and young talents to venture a musical journey by opting for LEVI’S whether as a brand or a music entertainment channel.

Listen to Levi’s Live Sessions

And here is your chance to not miss out on the magic!

The opening of Levi’s Live Session 1 was remarkable and why wouldn’t it be when Abdullah Qureshi inaugurated the event.

– Abdullah Qureshi’s rocking performance on his song Pardesi, made the audience jump on their feet, pumped the concert up giving it an amazing kick-off!


by Maria Fatima Unera – Oh My! This was one spirit raising song which held our hearts, is a dedication to her mother. The tunes of the music and her strong voice will stun you. This beauty has a way of self-expression in her music.


My Love by Sanya Shahzad– A soulful melody. An avant-garde composer, she is a prowess with that piano!


Farhad Humayun – With that denim outlook, playing guitar and his expressions through music is flawless. Presented two beautiful songs:

1. JeetThe song which will make you dance to it, with its powerful composition, amazing emotions uplifting music and a strong theme.

2. Nimmi Nimmi – A slow Punjabi song, which Farhad pulled on greatly making the audience sing with him.


Here Comes Levi’s Live Session 2 – Hold your heart and be ready for the music expenditure!

– Bayaan The Band presented two of their super enthralling hits!

1. Din Dhalay– A song which makes you to-ing and fro-ing!


2. Farda– Swirl to this heavenly Sufi song!


– Tooti Baraf by Bilal Khan– Another captivating musical throw by Bilal khan. The soft musical tunes and the mesmerizing voice of Bilal Khan will make you listen to it on repeat. It’s compulsive, you won’t be able to stop swooning over this one.


Now! As we are lost in these tracks and still haven’t get over the magic LEVI’S Live is already ready to enthrall us with the next session! ‘Levi’s Live Session 3’ is going to be unleashed soon in the next month. Seems like New Year is going to hold us by surprise as Noori is going to be throwing a blast at us in the next one along! We are already drooling over it!

Stay Tuned to Taazi for the releases!