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Lux Style Awards 2014 Music Nominations

Lux Style Awards 2014 Music Nominations

With the LUX style awards all set to enthrall us, given the pattern they have set up in the last few years, getting a nomination has become quite challenging; not for Taazi artists though! Taazi is delighted to announce that its artists have bagged quite some nominations among themselves and we couldn’t be more contented! Let’s have a look at the nominations of the Music category.


1. Song of the Year-Qayyas

Just a few years ago, Qayaas was treated as an ‘under-ground band’ and the music they produced was termed more as hard-rock, and that was definitely not the run-of-the-mill Pakistanis cup of tea. Fast forward a few years, and a mind blowing performance at Coke Studio later, Qayaas have bagged a LUX Style nomination for the ‘best song’ category, which is decided by public vote.

Qayaas prides itself in bringing the genre of progressive rock to the Pakistani music industry, and sticking to their roots regardless of how their music was received initially. What many don’t know about Qayaas is that the band members had been invited for a performance at one of the most prestigious music festivals in America, called SXSW.


2. Best OST-  Haroon for ‘Burqa Avenger’

Burka Avenger is still the talk of town! It has been nominated for numerous awards and managed to win almost all of them so it comes as no surprise that the Burka Avenger soundtrack was nominated for a prestigious LUX Style award. The man behind the smashing sound track, Haroon lined up one star after the other that delivered exquisite sounds, but of course nothing less was expected when you have artists like as Ali Zafar, Ali Azmat, Josh and Haroon together!


3. Best Album ‘Mushroom Cloud Effect’

What an achievement for Adil Omar to have his indie debut album, Mushroom Cloud Effect, nominated as the Best Album against many seasoned competitors. Adil gained admiration through his hip hop music, which once again, like Qayaas, wasn’t as well received in Pakistan a few years back. That is all in the past now with the bagging of this nomination, and the release of his smashing new single, Exploding Heart along with a futuristic video!


4. ‘Piyas’ by Jal

For a while, people almost forgot about Jal given their studio absence and constant change up of the band members, but with this nomination, all critics have been silenced. For the seasoned musicians, the album titled Piyaas, their third offering and has left fans delighted who have come to expect nothing short of greatness by the producers of songs like ‘Aadat’.


5. ‘Sargoshiyan’ by Saturn

Islamabad-ians should be proud of the artists and bands that come out of it, one of those being Saturn. Like Qayaas, they are identified as one of the pioneers for the Pakistani alternative rock scene and are often termed as the ‘loudest band in Pakistan’ by their passionate fans! With a LUX Award nomination, one can only see them climbing the ladder of success even higher!

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