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Malango – Asrar’s New Born Who Lived Centuries Ago

Malango – Asrar’s New Born Who Lived Centuries Ago

By Aayan Arif: You have heard him singing Sufi songs and even dance numbers like Afghan Jalebi but Asrar’s Malango is a groovy tune with traces of contemporary music in it.It takes you to a funky ride and you cannot resist moving at every beat of the song. It is a beautiful display of the art of playing musical instruments. Be it be a harmonium or a flute or guitar, it is out of this world. Baqir Abbas has managed to pull off a great show with the flute and this is one of the charms of this song. The rhythmic Hichkis (Hiccups) are also sounding great in the beginning of the song. The overall composition, mixing and mastering of the song is a wonderful experiment and a successful one I must say. There’s no doubt that we might listen some new songs of the same or similar progression in the near future.

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Malango (fictional character) may have died in Asrar’s own words on 20th April 1985, but on this same day Asrar was born just like the saying goes, “A great is born on the same day a great dies”.

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Some may question the idea of this song i.e. to pick up a bowl of alcohol but Malango has changed the dimension of Pakistan’s Music Industry as a whole. It is distinctive and not as typical as other rock songs being composed in Pakistan. This song is charged with a lot of enthusiasm. With every song Asrar sings, we witness a new aspect of his singing and that is a quality which only a few singers have. He may look like a very serious and reserved person but his songs leave no chance to surprise the audiences.asrar
The AIN SHEEN QAAF when joined makes Ishq (love) and the message of love being conveyed in this song is laudable. Hats Off to Asrar for such a wonderful way of expressing Love and this was the main reason why this song was released on the Valentine’s Day. This song has definitely plucked the right strings of the hearts.
Malango may have died but this song is going to live forever.