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Mawra Hocane – Exploring New Horizons

Mawra Hocane – Exploring New Horizons

By Isbah Khalid

Being the youngest to hit Bollywood from Pakistan- Check!

Euphoric and Ecstatic- Check!

Praised and admired- Check!

A hot celebrity’s heartthrob- Check!

Praised by Ranbir Kapoor- Check!

Coming in and out of Mumbai on regular basis- Check!

Exploring new horizons- Check!



This is Mawra Hocane for you guys! The young, girl next door actress who is all set to grant some of her brilliance to Bollywood. The actress who has been admired and praised for having a bubbly nature and image in the drama industry of Pakistan and has a huge fan following at such a young age ! In a recent photo-shoot done by the very sought after Dubai based photographer Paul Aiken, Mawra could be seen adorning a red choli looking as beautiful as ever, if not more.

Paul Aiken posted the photo from the shoot on his social media page and the new image of our girl next door has since gone viral and been appreciated by her fans. This gorgeous talent is apparently busy “exploring new horizons” and where better to start off then the world of Bollywood. Although she remains a bubbly soul in real life yet she is eager to spread her wings which have been dying to see the world. The youngest Pakistani to step abroad, she is all set to appear in the upcoming film ‘Satra ko Shadi Hai’. We can’t wait to see what more this young talent has to offer because she has definitely transformed from a girl into a mature and brilliant woman.

mawra hocane

She has been bombarded with both positive and negative comments and she says she is taking the positive responses forward with her to have new adventures in Bollywood- that is exactly what we would have expected from her. Well, good luck exploring the bewildering world of Bollywood! Keep an eye out for more ‘Mawrellous’ stuff because she is out there to wow us all!