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School in Progress! Men not allowed!

School in Progress! Men not allowed!

The PTI government in KPK issued a notification that imposes a complete ban on men dignitaries taking part in Government Girls Schools as Chief Guests. The notification also directs that any functions / events in girls schools will not be aired or social media or covered by the media. And people are not happy.

There was of course the expected bashing from all sides asking was this the Naya Pakistan that had been promised?

While others were quick to bring back Taliban Khan references.

Many rightly pointed out that this undermines women empowerment by not allowing accomplishments of women to be recognized.

Others could just not get their head around it? Could this be real? Is this fake news? What the heck is going on?

Some even wondered whether it was because there were no good men left in KPK.

Not everyone is unanimous in their condemnation though and few argued that it could actually be a positive thing given the culture of the region.

They pointed out that this was done at the request of parents committee who approached the schools for this.

Some even thought it could actually help women empowerment.

The majority however remain unconvinced.

What do you think? Will the ban alleviate fears of parents reluctant to send young girls to schools or is it another slap in the face of women empowerment?