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Mizmaar’s Comeback after 7 years with a Motivational Fire Hit “Jee Loonga”

Mizmaar’s Comeback after 7 years with a Motivational Fire Hit “Jee Loonga”

By Snober Abbasi -Cheers Mizmaar fans! After following 7 years hiatus Mizmaar returns with their much anticipated lead single of their third album and a new lead singer Mashhad Sharyar. Prior to their disbandment, Karachi based Pakistani pop rock, fusion and indie rock band Mizmaar rose to fame with the release of their debut indie pop album “Kash” and second pop-rock album “Sitara”. Kash along with its singles “Laut Ke Aa” and “Kash” were well received by music critics and was regarded as “one of the greatest live acts to have come out of Pakistan”. Their second pop-rock album “Sitara” instantly opened doors for the band and the band emerged as a new pop sensation in the country. The soundtrack from their album Sitara was featured in a Hollywood film Dragon Wars. Later the band soon ended when the lead vocalist left the band in 2008.

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The band released their single ‘Jee Loonga’ on Wednesday with newcomer Mashhad Sharyar as lead vocalist who has got groovy vocals and remarkable singing talent, renowned music producer Kashan Admani as guitarist and talented Alfred D’Mello as drummer. According to a press release, the song is an imaginative description of the walls people create around themselves. The song’s lyrics are given by Sharyar and D’Mello and highly acclaimed music producer Admani directed the music video.

Lead vocalist is Bollywood actor Tiger Sherrof lookalike. He’s not just good looking but he’s talented and someone who can actually sing. The song is unlike their previous music yet something refreshing which is being celebrated by the fans and critics alike. The video surpassed over 130,000 views within 4 days. The band is currently signed by Universal Music India.

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Talking about the lead single drummer D’Mello adds, “Jee Loonga is a song about hope, the chances and risks that we take in life and the effort that we make despite multiple failures, and believing in yourself no matter what people say.”

The music video fittingly illustrate the meaning of lyrics. The female model undoubtedly and precisely conducts the demanding character of the song which is meant to be reflected, she encourages one to fearlessly live life on his/her conditions and not give a damn what others may think or say, live for yourself by being yourself. The new vocalist carries a new wave, strength, luck and image to the band. Mizmaar is masterly polished in classical and western musical instruments. Sharyar has the face, voice and energy to go along with the band’s style of music and is as good as any other leading rock vocalists of music industry. The song with its motivational video, patchy perfect music arrangements and catchy lyrics are perfect master match combining classic eastern influences with a western pop attitude.