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Moor – Jami Has Charged His Thunderbolt!

Moor – Jami Has Charged His Thunderbolt!

By Isbah Khalid: We had seen a few snippets of the much awaited film Moor on Facebook as it gears up for the release next month. The snippets had some breathtaking views of Zhob Valley railways and some really powerful acting being complimented beautiful with the background score. This time they have released the final trailer and it has left everyone asking for more! And that’s no wonder since a good bite always starts those cravings for the big feast.1452296_381329221999955_1214154693_n

The entire trailer is just a massive explosion of words, dialogues being delivered, beautiful music being created by Jami’s frequent collaborator Strings, backed by emotions with some great set of actors. It’s like Zeus heard about this incredible production and lent Jami his thunderbolt because throughout those 2:23 minutes it felt like the bolt was striking over and over.







As far as acting is concerned the cast couldn’t have been more perfect; every dialogue has been delivered with devotion and those facial expressions actually make your heart skip a beat because they all mean business and it can be easily felt. Meesha Shafi’s EVA being featured just served as a big accelerator for the storm that awaits us this Independence Day.

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Competing with films like Dekh Magar Pyaar Say and Shah, the new trailer has set the expectations bar really high and nothing but an absolutely impeccable display of acting supported by a strong story line will sate the audience’s hunger now. So far Moor has set some really great stuff in motion and it is anticipated to perform big at the cinemas. I for one am dragging my friends along! It’s hitting the cinemas on 14th August, show some support for our talented film industry and head over to watch this great film.