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Muscle Game Too Strong!

Muscle Game Too Strong!

By Hina Anjum: Eat, Sleep, Work, Train, and Repeat!

If you’ve been hitting the gym, only then you can know that those muscles take effort, vigilance, dedication, high-intensity training, strict diets, supplements and a lot more.

Take a hectic, packed schedule and add in a job where apart from working for over 12 hours a day under harsh lights and heavy makeup, you’ve got to sneak a workout into your super busy schedule. That’s called ‘Hunger for Fitness’! And then, going that extra mile — literally — to do justice to the roles. Now that’s dedication for a role! But with such a hectic schedule, where do our stars find the time to firm up?

Well, that’s where Hassaan Mahmood comes in.

Hassan Mahmood

Getting ready for a film is no longer about just trimming a few pounds here and there. So when Pakistan’s hottest stars need big physical changes in a short amount of time, it is Hassaan Mahmood to the rescue.

Combating the stress and fatigue of such a hectic schedule, Pakistani stars are making sure to carve out time for regular exercise. And we’re here to pay tribute to these actors who worked their abs for their art — because it takes more effort to curl 80 pounds than it does to gain it.

See which actors had to strap on their sneakers and hit the gym to get buff for movie roles.

  1. Umair Jaswal

Already physically fit needed to step up his game. The singer-turned-actor has buffed up for his role in upcoming film Yalghaar. The journey he set out finally is to unravel. His transformation is nothing short of phenomenal and is something that has “never been done before in Pakistani films”!


Umair Jaswal has shown everyone how it’s done. Get it, friends! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Umair Jaswal’s debut film ‘Yalghaar’.

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  1. Bilal Ashraf

After Umair Jaswal, Imran Abbas, Hamza Ali Abbasi, now Team Metroflex has welcomed the hot hunk Bilal Ashraf to the camp! He already had toned up his body to play the role of Captain Bilal and it was no easy task. The actor had to hit the gym twice a day, for 10 months straight and follow a strict diet to develop a robust physique.


Along with Yalghaar, this man with cheesy smile is preparing his physique for his other films including Janaan and Waar 2. He is all set to stun the industry in Pakistan and overseas, as well, with his ripped and never seen before physique under Hassaan Mahmood’s training & supervision. Don’t be surprised if I tell you that this is the ‘before’ picture, for miracles are yet to happen.

Bulked up Bilal Ashraf is all set to meet everyone’s expectations. Watch out, peeps!







  1. Imran Abbas Naqvi

Finally, Imran Abbas is using the force of the gym to shape up. This man needed a physical overhaul, and.is hitting the gym with the immense dedication.

Imran Abbas

Keep an eye out for his transformation, as he sculpts himself a superhero physique.

  1. Hamza Ali Abbasi

After these young lads, let’s all welcome Hamza Ali Abbasi to the camp, who is to start the training under Hassaan Mahmood in order to become the buff, ripped-up for yet another amazing project of Bilal Lashari!

Hamza ALi abbasi

This’ll end up being a “before” photo that we would get to compare to his muscular progression. Let’s just wait and watch that how a 10 week transformation will look like!

5. Ali Rehman Khan

An actor by profession and a lady-killer by looks joins the camp! Hurray! This man has brought along amazing work ethic, discipline & dedication! Preparing for major upcoming projects, most notably the much awaited film “Janaan”, Ali is all set to surprise the audience with a sculpted and toned physique under training of Hassaan Mahmood.


“It is heartwarming to see how committed these gentlemen are, despite of their busy schedules they realize the importance of working out and now we can say without a doubt that we will REVOLUTIONISE our industry with the best physiques,” said Mr. Islamabad ‘Hassaan Mahmood’.

Manager at Metroflex Health & Rehabilitation, Hassaan Mahmood has been honored with numerous awards including Jr. Capital Zone 2010, Jr. Mr. Pakistan 2010, Mr. Gym 2012, and Mr. Islamabad 2012.  That’s not all, folks. He’s now being the 3rd Pakistani to be invited to Muscle Mania in USA next year. Whoa, another feather in his cap.



These ripped guys and muscle-bound hulks are having the most impressive physical transformations in cinematic history of Pakistan. Thanks to the fitness trainer Hassaan Mahmood, they can now boast the buffest bodies in Lollywood.


Love it or hate it, getting fit is a necessary evil for a healthier life. Feeling motivated? Good, now get going! Go over to taazi.com now, blast your favorite gym tracks and work it out! Gym + Music = Perfect Combination.

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