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Tired of the same old music? Yar kis cheez ka intezar hai? Because we’ve got the latest and greatest right here on Taazi !!


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What’s Up, Taazi Awam?

What’s up Taazi awaam? Need a refresher on what you have missed out? Sit back & chill maaro because we have got all the latest for you, right here !!!

Ali Azmat Playlist

The pioneer of Sufi-Rock helped usher in a new phase of Pakistani music and since then Ali Azmat has been unstoppable. An actor, singer, and songwriter; he’s a master of all trades with a set of powerful vocals that will rock you to your very core. Which is why it’s no surprise that this rockstar of the industry is Taazi’s artist of the week!

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Main Aur Charles – OST

Pakistan’s rock icon has lent his musical talent to Bollywood’s latest hit; Main Aur Charles with the track Main To Yahin Hoon Lekin. This haunting and twisted rock number narrates the perspective of a serial killer and will have you looking over your shoulder as you listen to Ali Azmat’s signature style woven throughout this epic single.

Khel Sajna – Jal

Jal is back in the game with Khel Sajna, the headlining soundtrack for the drama, Neelum Kinarey. A musical treat to the ears, this gentle, almost ethereal song narrates the story of an epic love set in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Be entranced and awed as you listen to this track on Taazi!

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The Sketches – Aap Ki Ankhon Main

They inspired us with Sahib Mera Aik Hai and now they’re here to serenade us with Aap Ki Ankhon Main. This Sufi-Folk band has proved that they’re no one hit wonder with this track which invokes a feeling of love at its purest and will have you whistling along to its opening tune.

Work Out playlist

Tired of the same old routine in the gym? Want those gains but you just can’t train? Well we’ve got the perfect playlist for you to get your blood pumping and your head in the game. So turn up the speed on that treadmill and listen to Taazi’s very own workout playlist!

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Natasha Beyg

Trained and mentored by Zoe Viccaji, Natasha Beyg made her big break on Cornetto Music Icons and has been charming us ever since with her honey smooth vocals. A symbol of hope for young girls everywhere, her vast selection of songs are now available to stream and download on Taazi!

Shaheryar Mirza

Named as the best emerging talent of 2014 by the Lux Style Awards, Shaheryar Mirza is the embodiment of old school rock and roll. A man whose live performances are a delight to watch and whose high notes will leave you speechless; Shaheryar’s music is now available on Taazi to stream and download!

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Billy X – Long Long Way

OA man who cites rap music as a medium of expression, Billy X has never been afraid to speak his mind. His latest single, Long Long Way, is no different. A mixture of fluent yet powerful English lyrics and a powerful beat is what sets this single apart from the rest and is definitely one to look out for!

Awam Ke Liye Paigham: Be ‘Khaas’, be ‘Taazi’!

That’s all for this week, #Taazians! We’ll be back next week with more Taaza Tareen Khabrein and who knows maybe a little surprise that will have you up in the air and over the moon! Till then, apna khayal rakhna and ‘Nayi Taazi’ ka intezar karna.