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Is your life feeling a little bland? Aajao yaar, let us spice up your life with our Taazi Tareen Khabrein!

Wohi gaanay sunn sunn kar tanng aagaye ho na? Don’t throw your headphones away just yet because we’ve got the latest tunes and recommendations right here, right now!

Yaar, why the tension? We’ve got your back with the latest tunes to rock your world!

Exams Ki tension shurru? Kaam say dill tanng aagaya hai? The latest and greatest songs on Taazi are guaranteed to get your neurons firing!

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December Mix

TIt’s the merry merry month of December and we’ve got the perfect compilation of songs to relax to while you curl up in front of the heater. These smooth, mellow tracks will be your perfect companions through those cold nights ahead!

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Aamir Zaki

A singer song-writer whose skill with a guitar is known throughout the nation; Aamir Zaki became a household name with his hit single Mera Pyaar and now, we’re thrilled to welcome this suave rocker to the Taazi family!

Rahim Shah

A master of Pashto, Urdu, and Punjabi; Rahim Shah is one of Pakistan’s pop music icons and has churned out hits such as Maama Dey and O Peera. Join us in welcoming him to the Taazi family by listening to, and downloading his tunes.

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Sham Idrees – Soni Kuri

A musician who’s recognized by millions of online fans worldwide, Sham Idress is back with his latest track; Soni Kuri. With a fun beat laced with Punjabi lyrics, this electro-hip hop track is definitely going to do a number on your car’s woofer system.

Mujtaba Malik – Magan

All the way from Doha, Mujtaba Malik has succeeded in capturing Pakistan’s attention with his debut track; Magan. Featuring the talents of Arpita Chakraborty, Magan is the perfect mixture of Punjabi and Urdu not to mention, an epic dance track to groove to!

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Maira Robeel – Crazy In Love

Beyoncé‘s powerhouse of a track has been the subject of various covers over the years but Maira Robeel’s take on it definitely sets the bar. A beautiful yet haunting twist on an already fabulous song, this track is definitely a keeper!


The lyrics of a song may elevate it to newer heights but Taazi’s latest playlist proves that even without words; music has the power to move you. A mixture of emotional, smooth, and epic instrumental music; this playlist will have you playing the air guitar like there’s no tomorrow!

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Zoe Viccaji – Jaanay Do (Talal Quresh Remix)

Zoe Viccaji’s latest disco hit was a refreshing breath into a dying genre. Now, this tune has been made even more unique by Talal Querishi’s remix, who’s brought his own electronic spin to this funky track.

Showcase South Asia

From the shelves of Pakistan’s biggest musical library comes Showcase South Asia! A phenomenal twenty volume compilation of the oldest and greatest songs to grace Pakistan’s music industry. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this phenomenal blast from the past by listening to, and downloading these tracks!

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Awam Ke Liye Paigham: Be ‘Khaas’, be ‘Taazi’!

That’s all for this week, #Taazians! We’ll be back next week with more Taaza Tareen Khabrein and who knows maybe a little surprise that will have you up in the air and over the moon! Till then, apna khayal rakhna and ‘Nayi Taazi’ ka intezar karna.