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2015 was a great year for music. We had some big hits which is continuing in 2016, kicking the year off with a lot of Boom Booms courtesy of PSL Fever everywhere! Chalo yaar, apnay din ko tohra Bright Karo with our New Taazi Newsletter, keeping you up to date with the latest music.

PSL Anthems

The Pakistan Super League is all set to open with teams formed from all major cities. To show our support, we’ve compiled the best cricket anthems into one giant, cricket loving playlist including the latest Team Themes by Asrar, Ali Azmat, and Nabeel Shaukat Ali!

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Uzair Jaswal – Sajna (Remix)

Sajna, Last year’s groovy single by Uzair Jaswal has gotten the remix treatment and just when you thought your days of dancing were behind you, the track pulls you back in with its techno twist. The youngest Jaswal brother has managed to stay relevant and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next!

HYM – Har Kisi Ko

Hym garnered success with his cover of the Bollywood hit Bas Rona Mat. Now, Hym has made a comeback with his latest single, Har Kisi Ko, a smooth and mellow tune powered solely by the acoustic guitar and Hym’s powerful vocals. A track that is guaranteed to move you, Har Kisi Ko, is now available to stream and download on Taazi!

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Echo Records

The brilliant minds behind artists such as Ali Ashraf, and Asad Saeed have joined the ranks of Taazi. That right, join us in welcoming Echo Records, a label committed to promoting their artists and giving them the rights and creativity they deserve!

Abdullah Muzaffar

One of the youngest artists in Pakistan and someone who has already made his mark on the industry has finally joined the Taazi family! That’s right people, the mastermind behind hits such as Mit jaun, Zindagi, and Yaadan, Abdullah Muzaffar, has joined Taazi and is ready to serenade you with his smooth vocals and slow, classical songs!

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Top 10 Songs 2015

2015 was certainly not short on hits when it came to music and movies alike. To sum up a year of great music, we’ve compiled an article of the most popular tracks on Taazi, want to know why and want to know who? Well you’ve just got to read and find out!

Ultimate Remixes

Do you ever sit and wonder what a certain song would sound like when given the “Remix Treatment?” Well, wonder no further because we’ve compiled the best remixes into one twisty playlist that is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your head bobbing.

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Awam Ke Liye Paigham: Be ‘Khaas’, be ‘Taazi’!

That’s all for this week, #Taazians! We’ll be back next week with more Taaza Tareen Khabrein and who knows maybe a little surprise that will have you up in the air and over the moon! Till then, apna khayal rakhna and ‘Nayi Taazi’ ka intezar karna.