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Noori – Aik the Badshah

First there were rumours that maybe, just maybe we might hear them again soon, then came the countdown of their social media pages and then with a bang we have “Aik The Badshah”. Fans went crazy and ever since the video came out it’s been making news everywhere. Keep an eye out for their upcoming album “Begum Gul Bakoli Sarfarosh” and in the meantime Rock On!

Shaheryar Mirza-Pretty Little Nutshell!

This winner of Best Emerging Talent in Lux Style Awards 2014 has clearly lived up to the expectations. Check out his amazing number Pretty Little Nutshell on Taazi.com and keep an eye on him because this bundle of talent is only going to deliver more.

DrAssenator: All Hands On Deck (Remix) Tinashe Ft DrAssenator/Iggy Az

Assen Hyder, more commonly known by his stage name Dr Assenator, is a Pakistani Hip-Hop Rap artist and an electronic dance music producer. Do we have to have to add more to it to convince you of his awesomeness? Check out his new number if you want an upbeat number on your playlist right now.

Kon Hay Tu 13 note By Taimoor Mirza

He keeps striking and he keeps hitting on target! This soulful voice is out with a beautiful number “Kon Hay Tu”. It’s soft, soulful and has you swaying in no time. Download it now from Taazi.com because this one is not to be missed and is perfect for those slow, peaceful evenings.

Nusrat Hussain – Kaho Album

The legend lives and he is back with a hit! Nusrat Hussain has struck the music industry again with his second solo album after a gap of many years and his fans couldn’t have asked for a better reward for their patience. It’s a MUST have on your playlist people! Go, get downloading!

There you have it folks! This has been your fun filled Week! Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘Nayi Taazi’ and keep Saying #SayNoToPiracy.