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Reboot Your Jukebox with Weekly Whirl of Music

Thank you for being part of Pakistan’s 1st legal digital content website. A place where you can socialize with friends, download & groove to the latest songs and enjoy scintillating videos. We encourage you to get your friends and family to sign up on Taazi, and help #SupportPakistaniTalent.

Bandook By SomeWhatSuper

Somewhatsuper is seriously Super! And their track Bandook is here to make you believe it. This track from the electronic dance genre is way beyond cool and will have you dancing in no time. With that Punjabi tarka to add more fun to it, this track will land easily in your playlist. Head over to Taazi.com for this awesome track.

Dur by Mizmaar

Mizmaar is one of those bands who never fail to amaze us. Their new song Dur has wowed everyone again and is perfect for those moments of the day when you want nothing more than to close your eyes and let a great song treat your eardrums. It’s a MUST have!

Wind of Change by Blackhour

If you are a heavy metal fan then we have a treat for you! Blackhour came out with their new single Wind of Change and it has just set all the wind currents in motion. It’s heavy, dark and deep-perfect for a rock fan! Let’s rock and let this wind change us.

Kabhi Raaste Ka Pata Diya (Naat) by Omer Nadeem

He keeps striking and he keeps hitting on target! This soulful voice is out with a beautiful number “Kon Hay Tu”. It’s soft, soulful and has you swaying in no time. Download it now from Taazi.com because this one is not to be missed and is perfect for those slow, peaceful evenings.

Ya Nabi Salle Ala By Ali haider

Ali Haider has always had a soulful voice that finds its way deep into our hearts and with Ya Nabi Salle Ala he is reminding us of all the beautiful feelings that this month stirs up in us. Download it from taazi.com.

There you have it folks! This has been your fun filled Week! Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘Nayi Taazi’ and keep Saying #SayNoToPiracy.