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Reboot Your Jukebox with Weekly Whirl of Music

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Tazzz Music

With the kind of music Tazzz is coming up with he is definitely going places! This time it is “Teardrop” featuring the famous UK artist Rita Morar Raxstar and this beautiful number is a feast for the ears, and a must listen! Download the song from Taazi.com and check out his other songs as well.

Top Ten Female Singers Article

In case you had been wondering which female singer is making it big these days you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list of Top Ten Female Singers on Taazi, featuring names like Abida Parveen and QB along with a few newbies who are definitely fighting for the top spot. Check out the blog on Taazi.com and see who landed the first spot!


Artist of the Week Kamijee

Kamijee is the artist of the week! And no surprises there; he is an accomplished composer, writer, photographer, editor and director and his career spans over 20 years. So much talent in just one soul- this guy is truly remarkable! Head over to taazi.com and check out his work which is a “sound from the heart for the hearts”.


Burka Avenger

The Lady in Black is back in action! Season 3 of Burka Avenger is available on Taazi for all the crazy fans out there. Check out the cool new season and don’t forget to share the news. Until next season “Androni Sakoon”.


New Age Music Playlist

A list bringing together all the super hit tracks for the brilliant new emerging talent is just a dream come true! This list has something for everyone and that is why it’s a must have right now! From tracks like “Bandook” “Maahi Aaja” and “Pythagoras” this list is just a perfect party pack! What are you waiting for, get downloading!

There you have it folks! This has been your fun filled Week! Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘Nayi Taazi’ and keep Saying #SayNoToPiracy.