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Nayi Taazi Weekly Newsletter

Reboot Your Jukebox with Weekly Whirl of Music

Hope you all had a wonderful Eid! Let’s get back to business and add some more fun numbers to your playlist. Check out this week’s new additions.

Sajna By Uzair Jaswal

This was probably the best way to end the week- some Jaswal magic! Sajna has just been launched and is just a MUST HAVE on the playlist right now. It’s catchy and fun with an amazing video to compliment a brilliant song. You don’t want to skip this one! Check it out on Taazi.com

Jab tum gaye by Sarmad Ghafoor

If you want a great track with killer guitar strings being strung then Jab Tum Gaye is the best choice for you! This multitalented music producer who has helped produce two platinum albums for Atif Aslam among countless others has something magical to offer and you definitely don’t want to miss this spectacular work of art!

Khwab by Natasha Humera Ejaz

“Till The End of Time” has a new addition- Khwab. It is that playful jazzy tune that reminds you of Chicago Nights and along with a story it has that deeply felt connection with the soul. This is a lovely track by Natasha Humera Ejaz- this young girl never runs out of steam!

Sajna by Fahad Sheikh

This multitalented guy has being wowing us all from the start and after exploring quite a few horizons he stepped into singing and since then he has been coming out with hits. Sajna is no different! It is a beautiful addition to his already shining music career. Head over to Taazi.com and lend an ear because this is not to be missed.

Painted Grey by Khurram Waqar

Khurram Waqar has emerged on the scene with guitar in his hands and set its strings on fire. Stunned us with his mighty guitar skills, and let us get absorbed in the metallic beauty of his new song ‘Painted Grey’. This track isn’t going to spare you. Be prepared, because as it’ll hit you, you won’t be left with any choice except to set this track on Repeat Mode.

There you have it folks! This has been your fun filled Week! Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘Nayi Taazi’ and keep Saying #SayNoToPiracy.