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Reboot Your Jukebox with Weekly Whirl of Music

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Things just keep adding up and bringing more life to the Taazi platform! Here are this week’s additions to keep you entertained for the week; from fun to soulful to motivational- Taazi is your one stop for all musical magic! Savour in all the diverse flavours!

Coke Studio episode 5

The fusion masters are back with another enthralling episode of Coke Studio that is bound to leave you ensnared! From the fiery Ali Azmat to the classic Bakhshi Brothers this episode is probably the most magical one so far! Don’t miss out on this one and chec out all these songs on Taazi!

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Jawani phir nahi ani OST

The wait is finally over! Al the fun filled, exuberant tracks from the anticipated movie “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani” are ready for download from Taazi.com. Have a taste of these cheery songs that will make you dance all night long!

Manto OST

Ah Ko Chahiye… well wish granted! One great soundtrack after another- this time it is Manto- probably the most awaited movie of the year based on the famous Manto’s life has made its songs available for download on Taazi and they are Ah-mazing! Check them out on Taazi.com!

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These are some songs! You wouldn’t want to miss these ones- definitely for all music lovers who have a taste for classy stuff and an appreciation for musical art- this collection is for everyone! Check them out!

Zunair Khalid-Tu Jan da si

Beautiful, soulful voice complimenting vibrant music- this is Zunair Khalid’s new song. The Punjabi lyrics just got new life and its just a perfect example of how talented this artist is. A thumbs up for this song! Lend it an ear!

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Qasim Ben tariq –Rukna nahi ab

This guy has a great voice and he just took this song to serve as a proof that how well balanced and well accentuated he is when it comes to music. A wonderful track to keep you motivated this week!

Aima baig –nanhay haton me

A song with a purpose and that too in the hands of Aima Baig! What a treat this is! A beautiful composition that is bound to stay in your playlist for a very long time. Get Downloading!

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Sikandar ka mandar-Baaghi

The song is amazing- of that there is no doubt but the video is quite classy! It’s different with hues of magnificence in between.A must listen, a must watch and a must have on your playlist this week!

There you have it folks! This has been your fun filled Week! Stay tuned for the next edition of ‘Nayi Taazi’ and keep Saying #SayNoToPiracy.