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Nazia Hassan’s life on camera!

Nazia Hassan’s life on camera!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid:

“Jinhain Humse Milna Gawaara Nahi Hai, Humse Mila Nah Karain!” <3

90’s kids know how it felt losing the gorgeous Queen of Pop, whose songs we still have in our playlists.

Let’s go through the life of an unforgettable gem we lost 17 years ago.


She started off her music carrier at the age of 10.


She, along with her brother Zohaib Hassan became one of the most successful pop duos of all time.


Aap Jaisa Koiwas the first track she sang, that too for an Indian Movie Qurbani.

And do you remember the song “Made in India” sung by Alisha Chinai? 

Well, ‘Bindu’ the composer of this song wanted Nazia to sing it. But she thought it might offend Pakistan so she turned down his offer.

Nazia Hassan, who received numerous national and international awards sung these seven enthralling  songs  you can’t stop listening to:

  • Dosti

  • Boom Boom

  • Dam Dam Dee Dee

  • Disco Dewaane

  • Ankhain Milane Wale

  • Dil Ki Lagi

Apart from leaving behind her flawless voice, she is remembered for her philanthropic activities.


 You will be missed by music lovers all around the world! <3