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Nescafe Basement: All Good Things Come To an End

Nescafe Basement: All Good Things Come To an End

Entertainment Desk: Season 4 of Nescafe Basement has been one of the most memorable of the series with a bombardment of songs that have forever made their mark in our hearts and have solidified themselves as some of the best churned out by our youth. Tributes were sung to honor those who’d left their mark on the music industry along with those who left us too early. Originals were celebrated, giving the performers a chance to live their dream and let their feelings float into words and the talent of Pakistan flowed through each and every note with Xulfi guiding and refining them every step of the way. To put it simply, this season was a celebration of music along with the old and the new and it certainly didn’t disappoint as the season continued to churn out hit after hit after hit conquering the social media networks and even attracting the attention of foreign artists like John Newman.

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Of course, a show is only as good as its finale and Xulfi made sure to leave the viewer’s wanting more; sticking to what made the show such a riveting success, the folks at the Basement paid tribute to Faraz Anwar, one of the maestro’s of Pakistani’s music and what better way to do that than by inviting Pakistan’s master of progressive rock himself, to the basement. Ktini Sadiyan, a song made famous by Faraz’s band Mizraab brought the proverbial house down and ended the show with a bang yet it’s a thing of beauty that the song itself is so subdued and ethereal as we’re treated to the echoing voices of Pakistan’s youth, all coming together in this progressive pop-rock epic.



Each performer lends their talent to this song and in a way the songs celebrates the old and the new as we’re treated to a mind blowing solo by the maestro himself as he rises up amongst the performers and proves exactly why he’s one of the most talented guitarists of Pakistan. The video captures the feel of a casual jam room where a handful of friends have gathered to celebrate music with their hero and as the song continues into the last leg, viewers are left in awe of the talent of one of Pakistan’s unsung heroes who continues to persevere and stay true to himself and what he stands for.


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At the end of it all with the curtains winding down on this season of the Basement, people can look back at the show as a platform for showcasing young talent and launching the careers of the future rock stars of Pakistan. In a place where the musical scene is slowly regaining some life, platforms like Nescafe Basement provide hope to those trying to make it big in the business and that’s what music is all about isn’t it? Making dreams come true and judging by the looks on the faces of the performers, it looks like Xulfi has done exactly that and deserves momentous applause for it. The season may be over and we’re sad to see it end so soon but until its return, relive the magic by listening to, and downloading the best of Nescafe Basement here on Taazi!