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Nescafe Basement – An Amazing Platform for the Young Talent of Pakistan!

Nescafe Basement – An Amazing Platform for the Young Talent of Pakistan!

By Sarah Ilyas Ehtasham-The never ending and ongoing euphoria of Coke studio has finally decreased due to the successful production of Nescafé basement. Just after one season we could see that this project is full of freshness, swage and style.

Just like Coke studio this project has a popular brand name attached to it which adds more confidence and belief in the team members and attracts the audiences too. After the success of season one and two Nescafé basement season 3 has been recently launched. The marketing budget is increasing day by day which is a clear sign that this forum is gaining interest among its viewers.
In the initial days of Coke studio, the project totally swept viewers off their feet. There was no other project in the history of Pakistani music industry which could have given competition to Coke Studio. But after the release of Nescafe basement it was proven that this project is by all means if not better , then as good as Coke Studio. Currently Nescafe Basement is the only project which is giving direct competition to Coke Studio.

nescafe 1
In September 2012 the project started to take shape as the team members went to different colleges and universities in search of young and talented singers. Season one went on air covering the song “Lari Ada” originally sang by the legendary singer Sajjad Ali, which was a great success.Second season went on air in November 2013, the songs” Tere ishq mein jo bhi doob gaya” covered by Rizwan Butt and Asfar Hussain and “Akhiyan” covered by Hamza Tanveer were highly appreciated among the audiences.

Now Nescafe Basement is back with a bang and has enthralled us again with its new season that comprises of many amazing songs like an original song “Bhangi” by Rizwan Butt and cover of the famous Strings song “Anjaney” sung by Sherry Khattak and Maria Fatima Unera Qureshi.

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Nescafe Basement so far has given opportunity to the young and fresh talent of Pakistani music industry which is no doubt a commendable gesture. After the success of first, second and third season, Nescafe Basement plans to grow further. Weekly eight episodes go on air, comprises of two songs with their videos and behind the scenes documentaries. Other than the electronic media broadcast the show has their own social media projects too , like Facebook page, twitter accounts and their own website through which they are connected with their fans and keep them updated.

The producer, music composer and mentor of this amazing project is none other than Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan as known as Xulfi, who was the co-founder and lead vocalist of the band CALL.

nescafe basement
Though this forum has gain popularity by focusing on the youth and introducing fresh talent but mostly they are covering the famous classical songs of Pakistani music industry and few originals too. This clearly means that Nescafe Basement didn’t completely emulate the format of Coke Studio but maintained its own identity too. Now it’s up to the viewers to decide which forum they really like.