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Nescafe Basement Episode 2 – Rejoicing Originals

Nescafe Basement Episode 2 – Rejoicing Originals

By Aayan Arif : Nescafe Basement purely represents Pakistan’s raw music talent and the way Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi manages them and produces some exceptional music is just flawless. Episode 1 featured two classic songs and they were brilliantly performed by the artists. Shahmir Quidwai gave life to Awaz’s hit song Jadoo Ka Chiragh and Zeeshan Ali paid tribute to the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Tere Jiya Hor Disda in an amazing passion.

The much awaited episode 2 has somehow managed to live up to the hype created by episode 1. The episode features two songs; “Kameez Teri Kali” (originally sung by the legendary Attaullah Khan) sung by Mehek Ali and an original track “Tu Mera Nahin” by Rizwan Anwar.Kameez-Teri-Kaali-from-Nescafe-Basement-4-Download-Mp3-Song

Overall music arrangement of Kameez Teri Kali is amazing. The bass, lead guitar progressions, drums, flute, violin are very well arranged. An instrumental portion in the middle of the song where the traditional Dhol is used is a treat for the ears. What the song really lacks is the vocal energy. There’s no doubt in the talent of Mehek Ali, but the power that the song demands is not present. It could have been much better. Nonetheless, this is a nice attempt and Mehek has the potential to create an identity of her own as a singer.


Nescafe Basement Originals

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Best of QB


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Tu Mera Nahin, wow this guy’s got loads of talent. Rizwan Anwar has all the elements of a heartthrob singer. He is a performer. His voice seems quite similar to Abbas Ali Khan’s but still he has a lot to prove as a singer. He enjoyed every second of the song and this shows the traits of a good artist. Slow music suits to the sore situation of the song. Inclusion of the violins has complimented the song quite well. Tabla and Flutes in the song made an amazing blend of music which land straight in the hearts. Some more stanzas or antras in the song would have taken this song to another level. But this song is worth listening. First 2 episodes are highly appreciated by the audience so far. Episode 2 has finished on a high and we are anxiously waiting for the next episodes to see what Nescafe Basement has in store for us. Sit back and Relax with a cup of coffee.Tu-Mera-Nahi-Lyrics-Nescafe-Basement
We, Taazi wish them all the best and many congratulations on the success of first 2 episodes.