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Nescafe Basement Episode 3: Who Runs the world? Girls!

Nescafe Basement Episode 3: Who Runs the world? Girls!

By Aayan Arif : Well well well, Tha Jis Ka Intezar Woh Shahkaar Aagya. Nescafe Basement season 4 is taking the nation by storm and with each episode that hits the screens, expectations run high for the next one. Episode 3 is out and it has surprised every music lover.xulfi

Episode 3 features a thunderous rendition of John Newman’s “Love Me Again” with a twist. Xulfi has changed the overall concept of producing music with this song. In a male dominant music industry, it is Nescafe Basement that took the bold step by introducing a lot of female artists in this season. It is not only the female vocals that features in this song Love Me Again. Not at all, every instrument that we listen in this song is played by a female artist. Quite a wonder this song is. Maria Fatima displayed her amazing lead guitar and vocal skills, while Arfa Chaudhary nailed it with Sitar. Jannat Sohail masterfully played the Ukulele and Maham Riaz showed that Girls are no less than any other pianist in the world. Kristin Kinaria lend her voice along with playing an acoustic guitar and Sanya Shehzad played Bass while singing as well. Sumaira Waris was brilliant with Tabla and Mishal Faheem seemed like a girl version of the Gumby with Drums. Amal Nadeem kept the audience captivated with beautiful violins and Anna Salman complimented the song exceptionally well with her vocals.

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love me again

This song is so far the best experiment Nescafe Basement has done and Xulfi is the man to be congratulated. He is showing his class as a music producer and audience is loving the way he is doing the job so far. This song is a perfect answer to all the critics who believe that Girls cannot match the skills of boys. 10 out of 10 for this wonderful song.

This episode also features an Original Song “Awaz Do” by Abdullah Qureshi. This boy has some serious talent. Although the lyrics of the song are not that appealing but the way he has sung it is very commendable. Highlight of this song was the Electric guitar’s solo portion. It is terrific and sounds quite good to the Rock music lovers and give you a lot of vibes. Awaz Do has called out many fans to cheer for this song. A big shoutout to this original song “Awaz Do”.10407519_10156558907525082_8972272963336220578_n

Nescafe Basement promises to shake up the audience and so far it has delivered. Lets see what we listen in the next episodes, till then enjoy the Nescafe’s creamy coffee Ride. It is so far so intriguing!