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Nescafe Basement Episode 4: Breathing Life into the Old

Nescafe Basement Episode 4: Breathing Life into the Old

Entertainment Desk: Complexity stems from spirituality, a theme that the legendary Pakistani icon Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan often focused upon and was heralded for doing so, for his musical prowess and his lyrics were just that; complex. Gorakh Dhanda is a 30 minute ode to God and all that he encompasses, it comes as no surprise that the Qawwali was praised for being one of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s best, with a rich, fast paced melody that sways you whether intentionally or not.


Listen & Download #Gorakh Dhanda from Nescafe Basement S04

The latest episode of Nescafe Basement follows a string of hits in its path, with the latest season containing hits that parallel that of Coke Studio.  Their latest cover, a rendition of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s iconic Qawwali could’ve been called a challenge by some but the folks at Nescafe Basement, with Xulfi at the helm, have successfully conquered the spiritual mountain. With a lineup led by Zaryab Sultan and Asfar Hussein, the single features Zain Ali, the grandson of Haji Rehmat Ali Khan, the renowned companion of the maestro himself.








It is no surprise that with a talented lineup, the Qawwali has been elevated to new heights. A unique take on the song, it starts off slow in comparison until it soars at the crescendo, perfectly emphasizing the vocal talents of this talented bunch. The start has an ominous tone to it, perfect considering the subject it is addressing and leaves the listener captivated by its mystery until it picks up around the quarter mark.


The time of this track halves the original and with a surprise appearance of Xulfi at the bass guitar, it is by far one of the standout performances of the show. The road so far for the fourth season has been nothing less than outstanding with Xulfi perfectly honing and crafting the talent of Pakistan’s youth, allowing it to shine in a way that leaves the listener in awe. That is exactly what he did with newcomer Zaryab Sultan whose vocals deserve an extra praise for their work on this track.  At the end of the day, Gorakh Dhanda leaves one with an aching sense of wanting more and we at Taazi, can’t wait to see what Xulfi and the people at Nescafe Basement come up with next!