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Old Roots, New Routes – ‘Zaher’ to get your blood pumping!

Old Roots, New Routes – ‘Zaher’ to get your blood pumping!

By Hina Anjum: Have you ever imagined what it would be like to sink deeper and deeper into a state that is neither life nor death? If not, then rarely you know what this pure feeling ‘love’ can do to people. Like a poison, it slowly kills you; spreads into your blood stream and makes you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Just imagine, imagine the heartbreak, the heartache!

Listen to ‘Zaher’ by Ahmad Ali Butt, Salman Albert & QB

Ahmad Ali Butt and Salman Albert are here with their latest track ‘Zaher’ featuring Quratulain Balouch. Ahmad’s hip hop rap, along with QB’s mystical voice and Albert’s mighty guitar skills will take you to a whole new level of heartache, making you feel the pain of those whose love turns poisonous. Letting your lover go is the most painful and difficult thing and listening to this track, you will end up saying: ‘Pyar Hai Ya Saza’. Well, believe it or not, ‘Zaher’ will surely get your blood pumping!ep zaher

Title: Zaher

Artists: Ahmad & Salman ft. QB

Composed/lyrics: Ahmad Ali Butt

Audio Production: Albert Studios

Directed by: Ahmad Ali Butt

The music scene in Pakistan is fading pretty fast. Disappearance of Pakistani band Entity Paradigm (EP) was a heart-rending stunt, but seeing Ahmed Ali Butt and Salman Albert standing up for what they believe in, is a moment to absolutely cherish. Though fans seem little disappointed, this track shall be appreciated for it has proven to be a breath of fresh air for Pakistan Music Industry.






After being in band, they’ve made it on their own terms as well, and are having successful solo careers. Jutt & Bond, Rubber Band, Inspector Khojee, Mr Shameem or EP; from acting, music, direction to hosting, Ahmad Ali Butt is now making his film debut with ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Ani’, which has locked Eid-ul-Azha for release. Whereas Salman Albert, on the other hand, is all busy producing Quratulain Balouch’s upcoming album in his Albert Studios.

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We’ve got to keep our eyes open and be on the lookout for these two, because we never know when these two might surprise us again. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned and keep visiting Taazi.com.