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Pakistan won, terrorism lost!  

Pakistan won, terrorism lost!  

By Eman Zameer Rahman:

A history is made and a League of Legends is created on this very land, at the Gaddafi Stadium!

We celebrate the grandiose winning of Pakistan in the face of terrorism! The huge overwhelming wash of relief on a peaceful and successful closing of PSL Final in Pakistan, is ought to celebrate gloriously. This opens paths for International leagues to be held in Pakistan and gives a positive outlook to the World out there. Which made us immensely proud of Pakistan and its forces, well done there!

Listen to PSL anthems

All those denying the Grand Pakistan Super League match to be held here must be awe-struck in midair, and all those who quit playing in the final must be regretting their decision, now.

Peshawar Zalmi won our hearts and left everyone singing, ‘Main Zalmi Hoon Peshawar Ka‘. Zalmi winning the final play at Pakistan Super League was a moment of celebration for many, in fact all Pakistan. Because the cup was going nowhere and the city wars were nothing violent, but just made watching the tournament more fun. Every bit of this League was worth all the wait and watch.

The excitement which was spread like a narcotic all over Pakistan vanished in thin air. Sadly, the looking forward to another match and racing of hearts with every throw of ball, is no more. As PSL ends, we are in our natural state of blues again, heading back to watching seasons and movies, seeking guilty pleasures.

Thrilled with anticipation for the next season of PSL2018, already? I know!