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Pakistan’s Burka Avenger wins International Gender Equity Prize in Munich

Pakistan’s Burka Avenger wins International Gender Equity Prize in Munich

Burka Avenger, Pakistan’s first ever full length 3D animated TV series about a female superhero, was awarded the International Gender Equity Prize, 2014 at the Prix Jeunesse International Festival in Munich, Germany. The Bavarian Minister for Family Affairs presented the award to Aaron Haroon Rashid (aka Haroon), the creator of the show at the award ceremony conducted on June 4, 2014 at the conclusion of the six day bi-annual film festival.

Since 1964, the Prix Jeunesse International has been singling out the world’s best television shows for children and teenagers. Known as the Oscars of Children’s television, Prix Jeunesse International aims to promote quality in television for the young worldwide.

Almost 400 children’s TV programs from over 60 countries participated at the 2014 Prix Jeunesse International. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, this year the festival introduced the International Gender Equity Prize which was awarded to Burka Avenger. Other notable winners this year include Sesame Street by National Education Television (NET) and Teletubbies by BBC.

Haroon the creator of the series receiving the award in Munich
Speaking at the award ceremony, Haroon said:

“I have come all the way from Pakistan and it is great to be here in Munich. I want to thank my incredibly talented team at Unicorn Black in Pakistan for producing this beautiful show. I think this category is very important because even in today’s modern day and age one can find examples of gender inequity in the first world. However in certain parts of the world, girls trying to get an education and just going to school can be a matter of life and death…you take the Boku Haram incident for example. Shows like Burka Avenger not only entertain through action, comedy and adventure but also have the ability to positively influence future generations.”

The brainchild of Pakistani rock star and social activist Haroon, Burka Avenger was produced by Haroon’s production company, Unicorn Black. The Unicorn Black production team is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and comprises of artists, animators, musicians, writers and producers. After the amazing success of season one, the company is currently working on Burka Avenger Season 2.

Burka Avenger has also received other international accolades including the prestigious Peabody Award and the Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festiv
al. Time Magazine named the Burka Avenger character as one of the most influential fictional characters of 2013.