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Pretty Little Nutshell by Shaheryar Mirza

Pretty Little Nutshell by Shaheryar Mirza

By Sehar: I must appreciate the farsightedness of the LUX Style Award’s jury, for presenting the award for ‘Best Emerging Talent’ to Shaheryar Mirza. Within a short span of time he has created his own niche of music. Emerging from the serene city of Islamabad, this singer and a songwriter has entertained us with his euphonious singles, online and on the radio. His experimental and novel work has helped him acquire a clan of fans.

sherryShaheryar Mirza’s lyrics with the sound mixing and production of Sarmad Ghafoor, and voilà, you have just the perfect song: ‘Pretty little nutshell’. Shaheryar is the proverbial jack of all trades; he has not only written, sung, and composed this track but also provided vocal harmonies and guitars. It is a slow, melodic track with a perfect blend of acoustic and jam rock.

The beginning of the song is so fetching that you cannot help but keep on listening to it. The mesmerizing and dulcet vocals of Shaheryar add life to the lyrics and the sound engineering by Sarmad Ghafoor is the icing on the cake. Ibrahim Akram on drums provides a lively counter-point to the song’s mellow feel.

You put everything into a pretty little nutshell

So pretty, so pretty

I’m swimming in self-pity”

Stream & Download the song here=> Pretty Little Nutshell

A small phrase from Shaheryar’s masterpiece. This song is about being strong and resilient. A person holds so much inside him and confines from breaking free, like putting everything in a small nutshell. The listener can relate this song to themselves, and therein lies the beauty of Shaheryar’s work. The lyrics are simple yet deep.

Shaheryar MirzaShaheryar has previously shot the music video to ‘Aakhri Bar’ with Yasir Jaswal. But the fans expect some more from Shaheryar Mirza on the video charts. A nice song portrayed through a good video will be the cherry on top. That ‘extra’ video element is needed to promote your music and reach to as many people as possible. We also anticipate that Shaheryar would definitely consider making a video for ‘Pretty little nutshell’. We wish him a string of good luck!