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PSL Anthems: The Theme for Your Team!

PSL Anthems: The Theme for Your Team!

By Khaya Ahmed: Before we learn how to walk, Pakistanis learn how to pitch a ball. The game of cricket was, and always has been a part of our nation’s culture; it has been a source of happiness, sometimes our tears, but mostly, it always manages to reignite our passion for our country. Like Pakistan, Cricket in the country has gone through a series of ups and downs however, with the arrival of the Pakistan Super League T20, or PSL, as it’s commonly known.


If the buzz surrounding the opening ceremony and the subsequent matches are anything to go by, it seems like our passion for the game has reached a whole other level. Pakistan has been engulfed in a cloud of cricket and we couldn’t be more excited as every night we tune into the matches broadcasting live from Dubai and Sharjah and cheer our favorite teams on. Of course, no team would be complete without a song to represent it and the five teams that make up the roster of the PSL are no different. It seems like even musicians around the nation have come together to show their support for their favorite team by lending their voices, making sure that it echoes across the stadium.

blogg-imagePakistani powerhouse Ali Azmat paved the way for projected frontrunners Karachi Kings with their electrifying anthem that is guaranteed to get you on your feet as you dance along to this vibrant track. Exciting, lively, and full of the sounds of Karachi, the track is elevated by Ali’s trademark high notes and rocker core. Lending his voice to two of PSL’s anthems is Asrar, the Sufi of Lahore who makes up one half of the Lahore Qalanders’ twin anthem, with Nabeel Shaukat Ali making up the other half with his hit single; Dama Dam Mast. Utilizing a variety of sounds, including the electric guitar and the tabla; Asrar’s Punjabi tone sets one ablaze with a groovy beat and catchy chorus. Dama Dam Mast on the other hand, takes the more traditional route but is every bit as energetic as its partner as the two bring the essence of Lahore to life.

Chaye Time

Party Anthems Playlist

Party Anthems Playlist

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Asrar’s second contribution to the League goes out to fan favorites and the tournament’s underdogs who’re currently leading the scoreboard; the Quetta Gladiators. Balla Ghumaye Jaa fits the aesthetics of Quetta to a T, with a fun track that urges on not only the supporters but players alike due to its vibrant tune and clever use of the dhol. Rounding the teams up with a huge bang is the album released by a cacophony of artists to make up the anthems in support of the Peshawar Zalmi team, which is every bit as loud, hyper, and warm as any Pathan you’ll come across. A team that has garnered the support of big names such as Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malik, the album itself comprises of names like Zeek Afridi, Hamayoon Khan, Gul Panra as well as newcomers Khumariyaan. The title song, o Da Pekhawar Zalmi has been released in Pashto and Urdu and will have you transported to the streets of Peshawar with its fusion of traditional instruments layered perfectly with the voices of Hamayoon Khan and Gul Panra.

Through the tournament has just begun, it has already captured the attention of Pakistanis everywhere on a platform where new talent can be discovered while the greats are celebrated and heralded as heroes. We here at Taazi, wish them all the very best of luck!