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Rabi Pirzada: The Bano Killer!

Rabi Pirzada: The Bano Killer!

By Syeda Yousra Khalid: Here March starts and all our attention goes towards honoring the role of women, all around the world. It’s that time of the year when millions of articles and videos are posted on women empowerment to encourage all the girls out there, to do whatever floats your boat!

Just then we came across a brand new music video of ‘Rashq e Qamar’, a song that is originally sung by ‘The King of Kings of Qawaal’ “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”.

Rabi Pirzada, who is famous Pakistan’s pop singer, posted a new music video on her Facebook page with a caption that says:

“The wait is over … Bano killer is right here with the most favourite song of year. Rashke Qamar. Girls are not weak and they can fight for their rights and fight back.”

Listen to Rashke Qamar

Let’s discuss the things shown in her music video before you see it for yourself!

1. Starting with her  ‘don’t mess with me’  expressions.

 It wasn’t a killer smile but, a killer’s smile.

2. She’s seen holding a gun, a knife and oh, then a snake.

Just so you know, she actually has a pet snake.

3. But I couldn’t understand, why there were dolls scattered on the ground?

and then cutting their heads off, tearing apart a hen and eating a raw egg? Why oh Why?

4. Okay, the way she ‘causally’ shoots the guy.


5. In the next scene, you’ll find Bano killer in a desi outfit and long boots, riding a bike.

Like a boss!

6. And when she later dolled up, remembering the good times with this guy.

So now we know this was the reason Bano Doll transformed into Bano Killer.

7. At the end, she leaves us wondering whether she shot the guy or the doll!

A mystery untold- the story ends here.

Watch the video:

And many people simple loved it.

While some couldn’t handle it:

Download the audio

So what do you think about Rabi’s new music video?