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Sahib Mera Aik Hai: Sketching a Masterpiece!

Sahib Mera Aik Hai: Sketching a Masterpiece!

By Khaya Ahmed: It’s not often that a music video hooks you on the very first shot. However, as I pressed play and heard the sound of temple bells combined with the snow falling across the screen, I found myself thinking, “This is it, this is art.” Sahib Mera Aik Hai is, at its core, a song of love and unshakeable faith. This theme that resonates brilliantly throughout the video from the hauntingly beautiful cityscapes of Nepal to the vast blue of Keenjhar Lake.

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As we watch a young woman navigating through these locations on foot, we’re reminded that this video is all about going back to humanity’s roots by exploring its relationship with nature, a message that directors Haroon Habib and Ghafar Mohiudin convey beautifully. In a world that is ever changing and evolving into an industrialist society, one often forgets the simple things in life and what the world around us has to offer. As the woman continues her journey and meets different people along the way, we’re reminded how diverse our world is and how that diversity comes together to create something truly breathtaking. In the end, we see her walking towards the end of her path; set against the stunning backdrop of Northern Pakistan, thus ending her journey.

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The song itself is a combination of poetry from the poets Bhagat Kabir and Ghualam Farid. The message of the song? Simple, just like the video; Love for the Lord and Harmony with one and nature, transcends all. Though the message may be simple, the song is anything but; fused with unique sounds from the Shankh (an Indian Conch Shell), the Mirdang (an Indian drum), and a Tibetan OM Bowl. The song draws upon instruments from various corners of the world, only to bring them together to produce a melody that not only leaves one with a feeling of calm but also fulfillment. For a brief moment you find yourself transported to a world unlike any other, a simple world free of everyday problems; something that is a breath of fresh air.

The Sketches, a Sufi-Folk band based in Jamshoro, Sindh released their first album Dastkari (one’s own creation) in 2010 with one main goal in mind; to keep Sufi music alive. It’s safe to say that the band has achieved their goal, having received international recognition as well as participating in Coke Studio. Using theses platforms to promote peace through music, The Sketches, it seems, have only just begun and are currently planning to tour Internationally as well as releasing new content. Until then, a complete collection of their music can be found on Taazi.

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