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Sajjad Ali Sings His Way Back Into Our Hearts

Sajjad Ali Sings His Way Back Into Our Hearts

By Shershah Ahmed: Sajjad Ali’s career in music is the stuff of legend. Born in Karachi, Pakistan on 24 August 1966, Sajjad Ali first exploded on to the music scene of Pakistan in 1979 with his first album ‘Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics’. That’s more than 30 years spent in the music business, which is a feat only few people can manage while still staying relevant.

Sajjad Ali was however not content with merely staying on the singing side of things, he forayed into composition for movie OSTs as well as making his directorial debut with the television film ‘Love Letter’ and then his full feature film ‘Aik Aur Love Story’, in the late 80’s and 90’s. In order to impress upon his impact on the Pakistani music scene, one can cite the example of there barely being a Pakistani who is not familiar, with at least the beat of his hit song ‘Bolo Bolo’. A song which was further made famous by the band Entity Paradigm on Coke Studio. Garnering praise from names such as A.R Rehman, is also no small feat. Sajjad Ali’s latest outing however, is a song called ‘Nakhun’, released on Taazi.com.

Listen & Download Nakhun by Sajjad Ali
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In a nutshell, ‘Nakhun’ is a pure ballad. And a superb ballad at that. The track in question starts off with Sajjad Ali’s signature crooning vocals, superbly hitting lilting high notes and emotional low notes, the atmosphere of the song is enhanced by the light strumming of acoustic guitars in the backgrounds.





Launching forward, the acoustic guitars are joined by a simple beat and backup singers which give way to the verse. Sajjad sings with a renewed vigor that most artists cannot maintain for as long as he has, and the synth sound effects, and sparse chimes and cymbals that underly the chorus all add to the simple yet powerful effect that the song aims for and certainly nails. The fact that the song ends up being so musically and lyrically catchy is another plus point, because what is a song if it is not catchy? Sajjad Ali still retains the signature 80’s pop sound with the classic reverb and synth effects, but ‘Nakhun’ is a more polished, more rounded example of staying true to your roots, yet bringing something new and improved to the table. Give it a listen, you definitely will not be disappointed!

Nakhun-700x700It’s rare that an artist can release a track so relevant and powerful this late in a career but if this is but a taste of what Sajjad Ali has in store for us, then we are certainly in for a treat down the road. Apart from his musical endeavors, recent accolades of his include composing the soundtrack to Shoaib Mansoor’s 2011 hit film ‘Bol’ and ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ one of the critically acclaimed Pakistani films in 2014, both of which are extremely high profile releases. It is quite clear that Sajjad Ali is not stopping anytime soon, so stay tuned to Taazi.com for more of his releases in the future!