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Sajjad Ali Strickes Back With Bolo Bolo (Kya Dekha) .

Sajjad Ali Strickes Back With Bolo Bolo (Kya Dekha) .

By AHMAD UZAIR | I personally believe that ‘Bolo Bolo’ remains to be one of the most covered songs in the history of Pakistani pop music. Many underground artists as well as mainstream musicians have tried their hands on this song and many have even tried ruining this amazing song in the name of covers.


But this time around its the master himself who is back on the scene┬áto register his own classic hit that was originally sung by the guru of Pakistani pop industry, Sajjad Ali┬áduring mid 90’s.┬áThe video of this hit was released on 8th May that features Faraz Anwar on lead guitars and Sameer on bass guitars. The video showcases the legend taking the center stage once again and perform at a live concert with some energetic audience. More noticeably the video contains a collage work of Sajjad’s memorable videos right from “Cinderalla” to “Har Zulm Tera” and from┬á“Babiya” to “Chal Rehn De”. It encompasses┬áthe entire media life of the pop star and pays a glowing tribute to the musical career of this living legend.

Sajjad Ali who now resides in Dubai occasionally visits Pakistan but every time he does so, he leaves with yet another hit. First it was his cheerful appearance at the sets of Coke Studio. Later on he effortlessly delivered the mega hit “Har Zulm Tera” and now in his recent trip he made multiple appearances on the Pakistan Idol as a guest judge. At one of the episodes, he even performed a live rendition of Bolo Bolo leaving the audience in amusement. And when one thought that he is gone from the scene he strikes back with a video of one of his most popular songs till date.sajjad-ali-545x300

Sajjad Ali has certainly got a very huge fan following even after spending almost 2 decades in the industry and is one of those very gifted personalities who can deliver a hit so easily even at this stage of his career. We wish him all the very best of luck for his future projects.

The song and the video is surely a treat to watch. Do check it out.