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Sajna- Uzair Jaswal Just Started a Mind Blowing Pizza Delivery

Sajna- Uzair Jaswal Just Started a Mind Blowing Pizza Delivery

By Isbah Khalid: Might be a bit of a shocker but it’s true! Uzair Jaswal has just started a pizza delivery that delivers pizza even if you don’t place an order and that too for free! Okay so yeah it was a joke but not entirely; Uzair Jaswal launched his new song “Sajna” last night and it has started making news already. When it comes to audio and video these Jaswal brothers have no comparison! The music video directed by Yasir Jaswal is like a mini film  complete with the funny bits, suspense, entertainment and thrill.uzair jaswal

Listen to ‘Sajna’ by Uzair Jaswal

A mysterious pizza delivery guy (Uzair Jaswal) knocks the door, and comes out Osman Khalid Butt in anger. Osman is surprised to find a Pizza delivery boy at his door because he didn’t place any order for Pizza, but despite all his efforts the delivery boy hands over him a pizza box for free saying: “Always remember, Sajna Pizza is the tasty” and runs away. Osman shuts the door calling him: Stupid – and goes inside contemplating to eat it or not. The box opens and out comes a mystical light that just ensnares him into trying a bite and sure enough he does that and is blown away by the awesomeness that the delivery guy promised. He turns on the TV, flickers through the channels and the actual beat of the song starts. The song is super catchy to say the least; there are funky lyrics and crazy vocals that suit the theme and the song perfectly add a bit of some killer expressions by Jaswal and we have a winner!11539739_10153612986089928_2873958479322648281_n

Let’s talk about the leading lady Armeena Rana Khan whose sizzling dance moves just gives life to this dance number. She is beautiful that much is agreed upon but she totally nails that 80s theme and those gorgeous looks just add more fun to the video. It’s visual treat from the start till the end and she has done amazing job. Osman Khalid Butt had made an appearance before in another Uzair Jaswal track “Bolay” which we are guessing was pretty much his ticket to this one since he did fantastically well in that fun college video. His acting skills were marvelous in this one; we could see him shift from being blown away, to surprised, to shocked, to happy to sad- all in a matter of seconds- which is quite rare to accomplish. Uzair Jaswal just looks absolutely spot on rocking that retro style, that leather jacket and some cool hairdo. These three have been a real treat!

As the song progresses we are only pulled in deeper- it cover every era and theme from flashy Bollywood to thrilling MJ moves. Every emotion is covered and so is every visual theme. It’s a fun number and definitely hitting the top charts everywhere! Uzair Jaswal has come out with exactly what everybody needs right now: some fun!

Watch the Brand new Music Video ‘Sajna’ by Uzair Jaswal

Head over to Taazi.com and watch this amazing new song because a bite of that “Sajna Pizza” is definitely what we all need. Yeah it will transform you a little bit more than your liking but who doesn’t like some change? Watch till the end to find out what happens! You will be dancing on this tune for quite some time. Enjoy!