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Salman Ahmad – A Glittering Flight With Those Golden Feathers!

Salman Ahmad – A Glittering Flight With Those Golden Feathers!

By Isbah Khalid: With the love of more than 30 million people giving him the fuel to keep going, one of South Asia’s biggest Rockstars Salman Ahmad is set to make a debut in an HBO film named Open Your Eyes. A sufi-rocker who believes in everything that heals the body and soul- medicine, love and music- he is now ready to splatter his colourful soul across the borders, sharing whatever makes him extraordinary so that others can help themselves to the secret and follow his lead.



After the news of him making his debut in Bollywood in a film called Rhythm that has him play himself, that is a sufi- rocker who serves as a healer to a girl, rescuing the damsel as she is wooed by his angelic grace! This captivating love story has been in the pipeline for almost two years. It shows a college band that goes to Poland, where they find a Junoon fan! “That is where I come in; I play myself in the film and serve as a sufi-rocker guide to the girl,” said Ahmed. It is a love story shot in Krakow, Poland. It has a musical-global village meets coming-of-age film flavor to it,” Salman explained.

He has contributed two songs in the film. One of them is with the immensely talented Sunidhi Chauhan titled Yaaro.  this song will be included in Junoon’s silver jubilee album which is set to be released sometime next year. Now that’s pretty exciting! So much good stuff to look forward to!


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Now let’s talk about that HBO venture, shall we? Having made his mark long ago, Salman’s anchors have fallen on the shores abroad where he is as much loved and appreciated as he is here. His collaboration with Peter Gabriel for the song Munn Kunto Maula in the HBO film Open Your Eyes is something much bigger than all his other achievements. After all, it is not every day an artist gets hand-picked. That too by Oscar-nominated director Irene Taylor Brodsky and Oscar-nominated producer Dr Larry Brilliant,  whom he had the opportunity to work with for the production of this film’s score.

This is what he had to say about the collaboration, “In addition to the musical score, Peter Gabriel and I collaborated on the theme song Open Your Eyes which is bilingual — in English and Urdu. Peter is also a huge qawwali buff and responsible for bringing Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Hollywood for his Grammy-winning Passion soundtrack for Martin Scorsese’s film Last Temptation of Christ.”



Ameer Khusro’s famous qawwali Munn Kunto Maula was actually recorded thousands of miles away with both Peter and him lending their vocals in their respective languages. The song is a beautiful composition that just takes you on an exhilarating journey of love and not just love; it has soul and meaning and music that all connects with every fiber in your body as your heart reverberates that beautiful music and you come to know what sufi music actually feels like. Salman Ahmad has proved once again that he occupies that King of Rock throne because everything from the vocals to the mystical music things are just pure and perfect!

Serving as a voice for the voiceless and sight for the sightless, the message this film carries is powerful and hopefully this will bag another Oscar for us because it certainly had that standard and quality- bring it home Salman!

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